The Night Sky

Star is a girl. Like all the rest. Except she isn't. Life has already fell apart for her. Her mother died of cancer a year ago, and now she's left to cope with her dad and two brothers'. When she unexpectedly comes across a man with a knife when she was walking down the alleyway, she doesn't know what to think of it. Instead of opening up, she's always kept things hidden. Just like the night sky. But can she keep this one a secret, or will it just come spilling out?


3. The Girl in Pigtails

I wake up to the sound of some banging coming from downstairs. What the hell is going on? And why would anyone be so loud so early in the morning? Well, that explains it all. It’s my Dad.

I trudge down the stairs in my Jim Jams, watching as my Dad is angrily chucking saucepan’s everywhere. Wow. He’s gone mental. I notice Max and George sitting on the sofa – still – and they are staring at him too. I walk over, attempting to pick up the pans he’s dropped, but it just results in him getting even angrier, and I back away cautiously.

“Woah, Dad,” I say, “What’s going on?”

He turns around to face me, and I notice the black circles beneath his eyes. “I…I…I just had a bad sleep.” I sigh, knowing that there’s more to it. Max and George begin to stare at me, and when it gets too much, I grab my keys and leave the house, wanting to get out for a few hours.

I walk down the road and through the neighbourhood like I had done the night before. I was right. It really is much different in the daylight. I look left, and right, before crossing the road and entering the alleyway. It’s much safer in the daytime, so I don’t worry myself at all. Just keep going. I hear the voice in my head say. Just keep going. And I do just that. Keep going.

I reach the other end, and no one’s there. No van, no man, no knife. I sigh in relief, and cross the road again, seating myself on a bench opposite. I look around. No people seem to be around, and I lean back, closing my eyes and thinking about how my Dad had reacted earlier. If anything, it was rare. My dad, of all people, was never the one for showing his emotions, apart from the ones he has against me. I can’t quite think why he’d be so angry, and although I doubt it, I can’t help but worry he might be upset because of me. Not that I did anything wrong.

Suddenly I jolt back to life, as I hear a voice beside me say ‘Hello’. Sure enough, next to me sits a girl. She has long blonde hair, and it’s tied up in pigtails with pretty, red ribbons. At a glance, she looks like a 5 year old – no joke – but when you look more closely she looks much older. She’s leaning back like me, her hands resting on the back of her head. Her legs are crossed, very formerly, and her bright red sandals you could see a mile away. I notice that she’s wearing a puffy dress, an apron down the front, and to be honest, she just looks like a doll, which is totally humiliating for her age!

“Er…hey.” I say, in a flat tone. She flicks an imaginary bit of hair back from her face, and I widen my eyes, before turning my head back forward and looking straight on.

“How are you today?” She says, and I turn to face her again. Why is she talking to me like this?

“I’m…ok.” I say, still unsure why she is so dressed up, and why she talks like she was born 100 years ago. “You?”

“I’m wonderful! Isn’t it such a glorious day?” I look at her. Her cheeks are filled with pink blusher, and her smile is big, lots of teeth showing, and it almost seems fake. Like she doesn’t really care about how I’m doing.

“Yeah.” I agree, nodding my head slowly. She smiles again, her head stiffly turning from side to side. She seems a bit strange, but anyhow, I lean back and place my hands under my head – just like her – and gently close my eyes. Less than a second later, I hear a *Beep* of a car. I immediately sit up, my eyes wide open, and just about notice a van disappearing into the distance…

“Hey, that’s so –“ I start to say to the girl beside me. But then, I notice, she’s not there. I bite my lip, wondering where she could have got to. I take a look around, examining the area, but no one’s around. Surely she couldn’t have walked away that quickly. I only had my eyes closed for less than a second. I barely even blinked. But as I get up, my heart skipping a beat, I remember the van. How the girl disappeared so quickly. I try to reassure myself, but all I can think about is: Could they have had something to do with each other?

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