The last dream

Its about a group of friends and one of the girls falls madly in love with her best friends boy friend


5. Chapter 3

It was Early morning and the sun was shining through the tents Bella stretched and got changed into her Pink and black skirt with a pink top with a puppy on it
"Morning everyone" she said as she walked out the tent 
"Morning" They all replied trying to take the other tents down
"My mums on her way to pick us up" Craig said
"okay!" Bella shouted while putting her shoes on
They finished packing away and head home
"Bye Megan" they said as she got out the car 
"See you tommorow" she muttered
Craig and Bella looked at each other and smiled
"Ill see you tommorow Craig" Replied Marcus
"ok" he screamed
"Bye Craig meet me at Mine tommorow and we will walk to school?" Bella suggested
"ok thats fine by me!" he said smiling
Bella climbed out the car and walked into her bedroom and screamed 
"IM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!" 
she text Megan *Hey Megz, Im not walking tommorow so dont wait for me i have to go in the car sorry xx*
Craig also text Megan *Hi megan im probobly not the person you want texting you but im not walking tommorow..I have the dentist...*
Megan text back to both *Ok ill see you in school then* 
It was 7:30am I was ready for a good day at school and it was time to tell Megan
"BELLA!!! Craig is here!" Bellas Sister shouted up the stairs 
"okay im coming" she said as she scurried down the stairs
they walked to school and saw Marcus and Megan holding hands down the road they looked at each other in surprise..
"Are they?" Bella asked
"i think so" Craig replied
They avoided each other all day until last lesson when they were all together in the same lesson
"Soo..." Megan said
"So what?" Marcus replied
"what you wanna talk about?" Bella asked
Craig winked at her nodding to make her tell them..
"Um..Megan and marcus...Me and Craig have something to say..we are going out" Muttered Bella
"awww how sweet" Marcus replied we both smiled
"Im so happy for you i guess....but and Marcus need to say something" Megan chuckled
"do we?" Marcus said confused
"YES WE DO!" Megan shouted
"ok yes we do" Marcus said acting weird
"Me and Marcus are going out" She said
"We know!" bella said
"How do you know" Marcus said
"we saw you walking to school.." Craig said in shock
 "I thought it was what you wanted" Marcus screeched
Megan nodded
"Im so glad we are all friends still" Said Bella
They all smiled  
"FRIENDS FOR EVER" they all said at the same times
Craig and Bella kissed...Megan and Marcus are still going out and that was 'The Last Dream' they had alone....

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