The last dream

Its about a group of friends and one of the girls falls madly in love with her best friends boy friend


4. Chapter 2

Its 5:30 And im still not ready..Im so unsure about what Craig is going to do..Oh well i will just have to wait i guess.
"MUM IM GOING!!" Bella screamed as she slammed the door behind her
She arrived at Megan's and Craig winked as she walked through the door. Bella had the biggest smile ever!
"Bella are you ok?" Asked Marcus
"why wouldnt i be?" She said
"You seem a little too happy" He muttered
"Nope i just cant wait to go camping" She shouted
We all piled out of Megan's dads car and started to pitch the tents.
"MEGAN?" Craig shouted
"Yeah?" she shouted back
"come here a second"
He pulled her towards the cafe on the site and sat down on a bench
"Look Megan...I dont think this is working.."
"Whats not working ?"
"Me and you, You and me, US!" he shouted
"i get it your dumping me?" She said crying
"Im sorry Megan..I hope we can still be friends" he muttered and ran off back to the others
"How did it go?" Bella whispered
He did a thumbs up!
It started to get dark and we all piled round the fire Marcus had made
"Bella, can i share your tent tonight please?" Megan asked
Bella looked at Craig and said "Um..Why not In fact ill sleep out here tonight by the fire" 
"Oh are you sure?" 
"Yep im sure" she shivered
Marcus went to get warm in his tent before falling asleep
"Megan there is something we want to say"
"what now?" she said angrily
"Oh never mind" Bella said looking at Craig's head shaking saying NO!
"Night Megan" They both said
"night..." she replied
Bella sat by the fire while Craig went to get some food from the cafe 
Craig tip toed back and wrapped his arms round Bella to keep her warm.
"I LOVE YOU!" Bella whispered
"I LOVE YOU TOO!" He said smiling 
They looked into each others eyes
They got closer and closer
Was it a kiss a kiss that meant something?? 
Just as they were about to kiss Marcus walked out " Please will you be quiet!" 
"Ok" chuckled Bella
And they all head off into their tents for a good nights sleep..

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