The last dream

Its about a group of friends and one of the girls falls madly in love with her best friends boy friend


3. Chapter 1

Oh great, Monday morning again..
Time to put on the grey uniform and head out to Megan's to meet everyone. We were all running a little late today so we arrived at school just as the second bell went. 
"Whats first lesson?" asked Bella
"History" replied Craig
"YAY" Bella screamed 
Marcus and Megan looked confused
"Whats so good about History?" Asked Marcus 
"The work clearly" Muttered Bella as they hurried to their lessons
Bella and Craig sat next to each other in History giggling at each other.
Then the bell rang for lunch and they all met by the libary
"Megan ill meet you lot after ive finished my research i wont take long" Shouted Marcus 
"Okay!" Megan replied trying to catch up with the others 
"How about we all go camping tonight?" Bella suggested 
"Um...Sure..." Megan responded with an unsure look on her face 
"I have 3 tents at home" said Craig 
"The last lesson of the day" Sighed Marcus in relief
5 minutes to go and the school day is over.
The bell rung and everyone hurried out of the main doors leading to the main road
"Bye Megan we will come get you later make sure your ready for 6pm" Shouted Bella
"YES MAM!" Megan shouted sarcastically
Marcus head off into the ally way behind Megan's house to get home.  
"Bella...There is something i have to tell you" Whispered Craig
"What is it?" she replied
"I-I Love you" he muttered
Bella's Jaw dropped!
"Wait..What about Megan" she sighed 
"Hmm...Wait till tonight and i will sort this out" Said Craig as he ran home

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