The Boy With The Red Hair

Jenna Winter- clumsy, silly, and completely ready to go to Hogwarts. As she boards the train with her older brother, leaving the muggle world behind, she imagines what the next seven years of her life would be like. It would be ordinary, boring even. She wasn't special- definitely not a trouble-maker. But everything changed when she stepped into a compartment and saw the boy with the red hair.


2. Year One

Kris and I walked down the aisle, each carrying our robes to change into. We had already dropped off our luggage, so we were burden free for the time being.


"I'm gonna go off and find my mates- will you be alright on your own? You could come if you want." Kris stopped us in the middle of the empty hallway- everyone else had already gone into separate compartments with their friends.


"I'll be fine." I smiled, secretly panicking. Soon I was going to be alone and without my older brother to protect me.


"Well, I'll be off now," Kris spun around goofily, before turning full circle again to face me. He held out his hand. "I'll hold on to your robes- just in case you lose them or rip them or blow them up. Mum and dad would kill you if you ruined your new, expensive robes."


I nodded gratefully and handed him the pile of black cloth that I would soon be donned in. I was slightly excited, slightly terrified about this next year. What house would I be sorted in to? Hopefully I'd be put with Kris in Gryffindor.


"I'll come back for you when we get closer and I'll take you to see the lads- we'll give you the secrets of Hogwarts or something." He ran his fingers through his short, dark brown hair, his bright blue eyes shining as they always did. Kris took a deep breath and cracked his neck- a terrible habit that mum had tried to rid him of for years.


"Sounds good," I said simply and Kris raised his hand for a high five. I returned it and he smirked, giving me a quick hug before turning and leaving. As he closed the door behind him, I turned around to look down at the empty hall. I could hear people laughing in other compartments and I felt my heart sink in my chest. The train had only started five minutes ago and everyone was already sectioned off.


I walked down the hallway, glimpsing in the windows to find an empty compartment. I could feel tears prickling in the corners of my eyes as I started to panic. Everyone had someone to laugh and talk with- I had no one. I got more desperate as I neared the end of the train segment and I still hadn't found an empty compartment.


My head was moving back and forth as I scanned the rooms, only to find everything so far was taken. I stopped at the end of the hall and held my breath. There was only one room left in the whole carriage. My last chance.


I turned slowly to my right to look at the compartment I hadn't checked yet. Empty. Taking a sigh of relief, I slid the door open. The worry slowly washed away as I stepped in. Hogwarts wasn't going to be so bad. I would meet new people, make friends, and learn how to use magic. It was going to be amazing.


Sitting down, I finally exhaled and looked out the window at the woods that were passing by. We had only left the city minutes ago, but this train was fast. Kris told me that it only took an hour to get to Hogwarts.


"Oh, sorry."


I jumped around immediately to look at the door to see a boy with bright red hair. He was tall- or at least pretty tall for his apparent age. He looked like he was in year one like me. I smiled at him and he blushed wildly.


"Sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here." He turned to walk away and I stood up quickly.


"No, you can stay. It'll be nice to finally meet another wizard outside of my family." I explained quickly, hoping that he would sit with me till we arrived at school. He seemed like a nice boy and maybe I would be lucky enough to be in the same house as him.


"Are you sure?" He turned back around and cautiously stepped forward. "I don't mean to be rude."


"It's no problem- really." I sat down and he followed suite, sitting across from me. We sat in silence for a few seconds while he stared intently at me. I could feel his eyes on me as I stared at the floor. He coughed quietly and I looked up.


"What did you mean when you said outside of your family? Do you live in a muggle city?!" He sounded completely shocked at the thought and I frowned. Why was that weird?


"Yeah, I do. What's wrong with that?"


He shook his head rapidly and blushed harder. "Oh- nothing. Nothing at all! It's just... I've never really met a witch who grew up in a muggle city. Or any wizard, for that matter!" He took a deep breath and leaned forward, as if he was going to tell me a secret.


"Are you a-" his voice turned to a whisper. "Are your parents muggles?"


"My dad isn't, but my mum's a muggle." I paused. I didn't really know much about wizard moral and what was normal for them. "Is that weird?"


"Not really. There are loads of people who have a muggle parent. Some people have both muggle parents." He scrunched his eyebrows and leaned forward in his seat. "Just don't tell any Slytherins about your mum."


"Alright," I nodded. Kris had warned me about the Slytherins earlier.


We sat in silence for a while, the train speeding through the countryside. There was a knock on the door and we both looked over to find a boy with black hair standing in the hallway outside our compartment.


"Could I- could I sit with you?" He said nervously. I couldn't help but smile at the way his hair stuck up in all directions; he looked around our age. "If you don't mind."


"That's alright," the boy opposite me- whom I have yet to learn the name of- said and looked over at me. "Right?"


"Yeah, No problem!" I agreed and the boy walked over to the seat opposite me. Did they know each other?


"Are you, by any chance, Harry Potter?" The boy with the red hair blurted out and the other boy nodded.


"And have you really got- you know..." he pointed to Harry's forehead.


"Yeah," Harry smiled and pulled back his bangs to show the lightning scar that I heard Kris talk about once with one of mates.


"Wicked!" the boy grinned and stuck his hand forward. "I'm Ron, by the way. Ron Weasley."


Harry shook Ron's hand and they both turned to me.


"What's your name?" Harry asked and I noticed Ron and Harry loosen as they made friends.


"Jenna Mikayla Winter." I shook my head and groaned- why did I tell them my full name? I looked back up at them. "Just call me Jenna."


There was a slightly awkward silence between the three of us when Ron decided to speak up.


"Jenna's from a muggle city, too, Harry. Maybe you lived nearby!"


Harry turned to me expectantly. "I lived in Little Whinging with my aunt and uncle."


"I live in Surrey as well!" I hopped in my seat and smiled crazily. "Spelthorne."


"I'm sorry, I don't know where that is. I don't go around much." Harry looked down at his shoes and I dropped my smile.


I wondered what Kris told me about Harry was true. That he had no parents, no family other than horrible muggles and he had no idea who he was. I could hardly think of what his life is like; as much as I'd hate to admit it, I couldn't do much without my family.


I could hear several older boys yelling out in the hallway and I stood up, recognizing one of the voices.


"We'll find her, Moe! She's got to be in this carriage!" I walked over to the door, feeling the gaze of Harry and Ron following me. I stuck my head out and saw Kris and his best mate Moe coming towards us, checking every compartment on their way.


"Kris?" I caught his attention and he jogged over, already donning his robes. "Are we almost there?"


"Don't be ridiculous! It's only been like ten minutes!" He stopped in front of me and Moe came over as well, his light blonde hair flying everywhere in a mess of tight curls. "No, the lads want to see you! Initiation and all that kind of stuff."


Kris seemed to have noticed that I was sharing a compartment with two other people because he moved to the side to get a better look. I see his eyebrows raise and a smirk forms on his lips- a look I've seen many times before, yet it means different things every time.


"You Harry Potter?" He asks Harry, pointing a finger at his own forehead to mime the lightning bolt. "Because I figure you could be the spitting image of Harry Potter."


I looked behind my shoulder at Harry and mouthed 'sorry'. He nodded to Kris politely and Kris laughed.


"That's ace! What a great way to start the year- meeting Harry Potter!" He gave Moe a high five and I sighed. He was making such a huge scene!


"Let's go, Kris." I ushered then out of the compartment and waved goodbye to the boys, who followed suit.


I spun around to go after Kris and Moe and accidentally bumped into someone. The first thing I noticed was her extremely bushy, brown hair and her large front teeth. She was my height and age, her eyes sparkling as she absorbed her surroundings. I had no doubt she had never seen anything magical before in her life.


"I'm so sorry!" She apologized and rubbed her forehead where are heads smacked together.


"Sorry, that was my fault." I groaned and raised my hand to my head. I glanced over to see Kris and Moe nearing the opposite end of the carriage, about to leave me behind.


The girl forced a smile, which was immediately followed by a frown as if she had remembered something.


"You haven't seen a toad, have you? I'm helping a friend look for his toad, Trevor." She looked up and down the floors.


"No, sorry again. I don't remember the last time I've seen a toad, actually." I gave her a small smile and had an idea that would help her at least a little bit. I pointed behind me at the compartment with Harry and Ron. "It's not in there either, so you don't waste time looking. I was just in there and it's toad free."


"Oh," she sighed in relief. "Thank you so much! I'm glad to find someone helpful. Hopefully I'll see you at school? The boys I presume you're with just left the carriage; you should hurry to catch up with them."


I thanked her and promised to look for her later, then turned to run after Kris and Moe.




I sat in the full compartment with Kris and his huge group of mates. They were laughing, having a good time, and ready for their last year of school.


They had already given me the ins and outs of Hogwarts, telling me how to pass what classes, how to make friends, how not to make enemies with a Slytherin, and how to make every professor love me. Apparently they know everything there is to know about the school, and they all figure that I'll be alright in my first year.


Time flew quickly in the little compartment, and before I knew it I was looking out the window at a large castle that I had dreamed about for years.

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