The Boy With The Red Hair

Jenna Winter- clumsy, silly, and completely ready to go to Hogwarts. As she boards the train with her older brother, leaving the muggle world behind, she imagines what the next seven years of her life would be like. It would be ordinary, boring even. She wasn't special- definitely not a trouble-maker. But everything changed when she stepped into a compartment and saw the boy with the red hair.


5. Year Four


Fred and George ran around Ron as he stood up on a stool. Ginny was nearby, singing a goofy song.

“Krum! Krum! Krum! Krum!”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Weasley get drawn out of the tent by the celebrations outside, but I kept my attention on Ron, who was professing his love to Krum. Harry sat beside me, a large grin on his face.

“He’s an artist!” Ron stated, tossing the Irish flag to the ground after Fred- or George- flung it over his head.

“I think you’re in love, Ron.” Ginny giggled, receiving a snide remark from Ron in return.

Fred and George, being as hilarious as ever, began singing a love song for Krum as Ron steps down from the stool. The noise from outside the tent grows louder and Mr. Weasley steps back inside, his expression blank as he rushes over to us.

“Sounds like the Irish have got their pride on!” one of the twins laughs while the other begins a pillow fight with Ron.

Mr. Weasley runs over, breaking them apart. “Stop! Stop it!”

I stand up, noticing the serious mood that’s just swept through the room.

“It’s not the Irish. We’ve got to get out of here- now.”


“It’s the death eaters!”

The screaming grew louder as we ran outside.

Tents were on crumpled, some on fire.

My heart was beating like a train in my chest. I could see five figures dangling in midair- a man, woman and three small children. There was a small crowd of masked men under the hovering people, jeering and laughing as the family spun round and round.

“Get back to the portkey, everybody- and stick together!”

People pushed and shoved against us. I kept my fingers laced with Ron’s as we struggled to understand what was going on.


“Fred! George! Ginny is your responsibility!”

We began to run. In which direction, I wasn’t sure. But we had to move. Ron stumbled beside me, our hands never leaving each other. I looked back to see Harry standing still, taking in everything around him.

“Harry!” I screamed and he turned to me. He seemed to remember to use his legs and sprinted after us.

More tents were ablaze under the night sky. More screaming filled the air.

The crowd of masked death eaters grew larger, heading towards us. There were chanting words, inaudible over the noise.

Shoving. Pushing. Screaming.

Ron was still next to me, as well as Ginny, Fred and George. We stayed huddled in a panic, not sure which way to run. Harry came closer, filling the gap between us.

A wave of people stormed towards us, forming a barrier between us and Harry.

They pushed us around, moving us apart. I screamed but to no avail. I tried running through the flood of people, but I couldn’t push through. All I could do was watch as Harry was pulled further away from us, out of sight.

“Harry!” I cried, being pushed away by the crowds. We couldn’t stop in risk of being trampled. “Harry! Harry!”

Ron was still beside me, but Ginny, Fred and George was lost.

Ball of fire were flying everywhere, setting more tents alight.

More chanting. More screaming.

“Ron! We have to go back! We have to find Harry!”

“Where’d he go?!”

“Come on!”

We managed the race back to where we were split apart. Most of the crowd had cleared away from this area already. An eerie silence was slowly replacing the yells.

The fires were dying down, a steady smoke rising into the air. Everything was charcoal black, completely ruined.

We walked for what seemed like miles, searching for Harry. We looked in tents and under collapsed structures. Every second we didn’t find him, I hoped was one second he was still alive.

“Harry! Where are you?” Ron yelled, searching the horizon.

“Harry!” I called, my voice carrying over the deserted field. What had once been an area of chaos was now a land of destruction.

I saw someone standing a couple hundred feet away and I grabbed Ron’s hand, dragging him forward. We both took a great sigh of relief when we saw who it was.

“Been looking for you for ages!” Ron grinned, clasping him on the back.

Something was wrong- Harry looked distressed, his face in shock and he kept looking at an empty spot a few feet away.

“Thought we lost you, mate.”

I looked around, staying on my guard.

“What is that?!” Harry gasped, his neck craned up. I followed his gaze and was shocked to see a green serpent in the sky, twisting and turning among the clouds.

“Ah!” Harry cried, clutching his forehead again. I turned to him, desperate for explanations.

Black fog appeared all around us, a perfect circle. People formed in the mist. I could see raised hands, wands…

Grabbing both Harry and Ron by their shirts, I shoved them down onto the ground.


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