If I Had a Wish

What would you do if you had one wish?


1. If I Had a Wish

If I Had a Wish

By: Mitchell Kile


If I had a wish,

Just one wish to be my own,

I would ask myself

“What are some common wishes?”


Many wish for fame

Many desire great wealth, but

      If I had a wish,

I would want more than trinkets.


I would not want fame,

Nor, would I desire great wealth.

Those are a fool’s wish.

A true wish is carried on.


Power is desired…

Desired for some intentions,

Whether good or bad.

Power is subject to flaws.


Knowledge is admired.

Though those who obtain knowledge

Are blind to see more.

Knowledge is subject to pride.


Wisdom is noble

It rides in the night searching

       For more than it has.

Wisdom is ready to learn.


If I had a wish,

Just one wish to be my own.

I would ask myself

A serious question first,


“How great would it be

If I wished for someone

       Other than me?”



Thanks for reading guys :)

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