When Dragonflies Bite

I’m under no pretence that any of what I’m about to tell you was rational or moral or done with any kind of righteous intention, but my story epitomises the failings of a fickle heart. On my grave I will tell everything and god help you, you’ll listen.


4. Sleep

In that first half hour I really did try to sleep but even with the lights off and the curtains drawn it was too bright. I was tormented by the moans of the rooms other inhabitants as they embarked on their elicit affairs. Every time I forced my eyes shut I found them spontaneously snapping open at the medley of different noises. Soon my nostrils were filled with the scent of arousal, making it increasingly difficult to fight my own desire. 

Slowly I wiggled along the make shift bed until I could feel the warmth of his skin against my own. Then I lay still. That was enough.

Moments later I felt him turn over so that my bottom sat perfectly in his lap. Instinctively I snuggled in, the skin on my back reacting blissfully as it connected with that of his chest. I felt his breath against my ear as he closed the gap between us. I couldn't help but moisten with desire as I felt him grow and harden against the top of my thigh just below my left buttock. My heart danced in my chest as lust overwhelmed me, giving me the courage to turn and face him. 

His eyes met mine, neither of us blinking, our noses almost touching, so close I could taste his kiss, feel his lips. His fingers touched the small crevice where my hip protruded, stroking the skin at the fringe of my knickers, which heated to his touch. 

I reached up for his curls, toying with them between my fingers, focusing on his eyes. 

As the rough skin of his thumb caressed my hip bone my resolve faded instantly and I moved my right thigh over him as I pulled him in for a kiss. The pressure in our kiss didn't have time to build as he held his lips against mine tightly, desperate breaths escaping between our passion. I nipped his lower lip affectionately as he pulled me closer, his tongue soon probing my mouth, my own responding.

He leant back, away from me leading me to lean my head further, searching for him, wondering what I'd done wrong. And then his mouth was against mine again, forceful, demanding, as his hands searched my body, touching me everywhere but where I wanted it most. I rolled my hips against him until only the material of our underwear was stopping him from entering me. A small moan of desire and impatience escaped my mouth and suddenly his hands were on my hips pushing me away from him.  

He flipped me over so that we were back in a spooning position giving no explanation or apology for his sudden change of heart. He added to the offence, casually slinging his arm over me in ownership and holding my clenched fist of a hand in his.

I was wrought with desire and I could tell he was too, still he left me lying next to him confused, humiliated and uncomfortably wet, while he went to sleep...

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