When Dragonflies Bite

I’m under no pretence that any of what I’m about to tell you was rational or moral or done with any kind of righteous intention, but my story epitomises the failings of a fickle heart. On my grave I will tell everything and god help you, you’ll listen.


3. Nest


By the fifth vodka shot, the taste had gone and with it the pain had vanished almost completely. As the taste of vodka became dull we moved on to tequila, followed by whatever we could get our hands on, varying from white rum to droplets of wine. Those beautiful eyes, the shade of a clouded sky, grew larger with my every swig and sip, crinkling with laughter whenever a drink induced a hideous face. 

As my alcohol levels increased his attractiveness followed, dangerously so, until I was afraid to stop talking for fear my lips would find their way to his. As we conversed I revealed as little about myself as possible, instead focusing on observing the other guests and commenting on their behaviour. 

I was thrilled by his perception skills, giggling uncontrollably as he pointed out an old class mate, insisting he was bi-curious just as he grabbed another guys ass and when he pointed out Tammy Hawkins playing with her bra, which he assured me was most definitely stuffed, I had to cover my face to stop laughing.

I gazed at him shamelessly whenever he looked away, unsure as to whether his affect on me was due to the drink or my fall. But when his hand grazed my bear thigh just below the safety of my skirt, I felt my whole body become rigid as my skin tingled, begging for his touch.

We remained outside most of the night, which was convenient for smoking but as the time wore on goose pimples lined my exposed flesh and eventually I suggested we should go inside. By this time the party was dieing down leaving only the drunks, straddlers and random couples about to embark on the joys of a one night stand.

Alice was busy shoving all the crap lining the work tops into a bin liner when we came in. At the dining room table Kane emerged from the remaining crowd picking her up from behind and spinning her to face us. She squealed like a small child, the carefree look on her face vanishing the minute her eyes fell on me. 

"What the hell happened to you?" she asked concerned, reaching up to touch something on my forehead. Her face blurred as she got closer and I blinked to try and focus. "great, she's pissed as a fucking fart" she turned to Kane who shrugged dismissively.

"didn't know you knew Fred?" he offered wearing a bemused look. I looked bewildered from one of their faces to the next as Fred's grip round my waist tightened but before I could formulate a response he saved me the trouble.

"Mate, you know me, I know everyone" 

Satisfied with his, albeit cocky, response, Alice sat me down as an irritated mother would her daughter. I held my head in my hands as she patronisingly asked how much I'd drunk, what I'd had and when. Unfortunately I couldn't remember and my remark 'enough' didn't impress her, causing a large sigh to escape her tightly pursed lips.
I was ordered to stay seated and sip on a mug of water while her, Kane and Fred tidied up, completely mortified I obeyed. I heard her muttering as she collected bottles and lined them up on the side next to the arger my mother had insisted on installing as part of the lodges restoration 'for character.' Fred winked at me as he piled a load of empty plastic cups into his bin bag and I feigned a scowl as I took a large gulp of water. I felt bile start to rise from my stomach but forced myself to swallow it. 

The sky was growing lighter by the time Alice dismissed us from the pre-clean-up-tidy-up to go to bed. My eyelids were heavy and the waist band of my skirt was starting to irritate me where I'd sweated slightly beneath it.

I edged towards the stairs to the old hay loft which made up the part of the lodge where our room was, but she pulled me back. 

" Wouldn't go up there Jen, Issac claimed up top hours ago with poppy. I doubt it will be to great a sight." 

"what was wrong with his room?" I whined trying to shake the image of my brother balls deep in our old friend on our new queen size Boden linen.

"Something about privacy. I don't know, he never makes sense when he's thinking with his dick. You're just going to have to sleep in the lounge with everyone else." I looked down the hall to the bedrooms knowing Connor was in the furthest room and seeing Kane at the door to Issac's. If I'd have been more sober I'd have protested but I felt Fred's presence to my side so simply ordered Alice to get the spare blankets and sheets from the linen cupboard. Glad she'd won the only free bedroom she happily obliged, ushering Kane in before I changed my mind.

Fred decided to make a 'nest' for us out of the sofa cushions while the straddlers around us, mostly coupled up, lay out there sleeping bags. With interest I watched him fluff up the cushions and carefully spread out the sheets and blanket, jumping into the centre flat on my back, the minute he stood up to survey his creation. He laughed at my childlike behaviour lowering himself to join me.

It irritated me how he lay a respectable distance away, not peaking when I took of my ensemble so that I was lay under the blankets next to him in nothing but my matching underwear. I on the other hand watched closely as he tugged his shirt over his head revealing a small snail trail down very pale abs, which for his slim build were suitably toned. I fought the urge to assist him in unbuckling his belt and slipping off his heavy jeans, which gave a satisfying thud as they were thrown to the floor. As it was, I barely got a glimpse of his less than appealing baggy tartan boxers, which I guess was his intention. 

I smiled to myself as I rolled away from him but it quickly vanished as I told myself he wasn't interested... This arrangement was just for sleeping.

I really wish I'd just kept thinking that.

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