Dare to dream!

Chloe and Ashleigh are normal 18 year olds and live in Australia and are finishing their last year in high school. Chloe and Ashleigh have been saving to move to london since they were 12. They also want to go even more because of one direction!!!! Will they find love?? Or is it to good to be true?? Read and find out. This is my first fan fiction so hope you like it.


2. Plane and uncle paul.

Ash's P.O.V
I couldn't sleep on the plane so I was just playing on my phone then over them loud speaker on the Plane the captain said we were landing soon and to buckle up.
"clo... Wake up!!" I sort of yelled. No answer. Hmmm.. "CHLOE GET YOUR FAT ASS UP!!" I yelled. "I'm up, gosh didn't have to yell!!" Chloe said grumpyly. "please put you belt on" I said kindly flashing my long lashes. "sure I can't stay mad at you" Chloe Said happily. London here we come. I though to me self.

Chloe's P.O.V
"Clo..wake up" I heard softly. I didnt bother about it. Next thing I know I'm being yelled at! "CHLOE GET YOUR FAT ASS UP!!" by this time I was up and ready to punch someone! But I realized it was ash. I was very mad and and ash could see that. Ash said to beckly up. I did as I was told. I couldnt stay mad at her. We were landing in London! Yay!
We went to go and get our lagage and get a cab to my uncle pauls house.

A/N I have sort of change the story line, I hope you like it so far its a bit boring sorry! Ok thanks!
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