Dare to dream!

Chloe and Ashleigh are normal 18 year olds and live in Australia and are finishing their last year in high school. Chloe and Ashleigh have been saving to move to london since they were 12. They also want to go even more because of one direction!!!! Will they find love?? Or is it to good to be true?? Read and find out. This is my first fan fiction so hope you like it.


1. Introduction!

First my name is Chloe and I'm 18, I'm 5'7 yes I'm short, i have light brown hair it goes all the to my hips I'm skinny for my age, I have tan sort of skin I just finished high school with my best friend ashleigh I love to swim,dance,sing but most of all I live to model. For a model I'm a real Tom boy I like to play basketball I love and I mean love horror movies!! But I also love ONE DIRECTION!!! I love them all but If I had to Pick one it would have to be Niall James Horan!!

I'm Ashleigh I'm 18 same as Chloe but I'm 5'9 just a bit taller than Chloe, I have long dark brown hair and it goes to my hips Im fairly skinny but not as skinny as Chloe :( any way I have a nice summer tan! Unlike chloe I am very girly I love the colour pink I love make up!! Oh and also I'm in love with the one and only ONE DIRECTION!!! That's partly why we are moving to London, but I don't think we will really get to meet them:( if I had to pick one member it would have to be harry styles! but like we always say dare to dream!
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