Notes 2 Niall

Sequel to Letters 2 Louis as requested.

After 3 months of isolating herself from the world what happens when Beau finally comes out of her house..........................


2. Picnic Devistation

We're at the park, it's just like old times except the three lads are staring at me, waiting for me to say. It's making me nervous. REALLY NERVOUS!

After our Picnic we catch up on each others lives. Turns out that the New York crew are going home in a week or two. "So guys how about we go back to mine and hang out? Like Old Times?" I ask as we tidy up what was left of the picnic and with Niall thats not a lot.  We pile into my car YAY I GOT MY CAR!!!!!, We pile into my car and head to my house. The seating was: Me - Driving, Noah- Back, Louis- Back and Niall Passenger Front-. Niall turned the radio up and we started to sing, I mean yell the lyrics to You Belong With Me By Taylor Swift. Coincidence? We were at a traffic light and it was on red, we were all chatting and talking and suddenly it went black and there was a load screeching and slamming noise.  



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