Notes 2 Niall

Sequel to Letters 2 Louis as requested.

After 3 months of isolating herself from the world what happens when Beau finally comes out of her house..........................


1. Out of Hibernation

I have not left my house for nearly 2 months now. Everyone has tried phoning me, Texting me or IMing me. I never reply. Tom is going to be checking up on me soon, I know it. All I do is SLEEP. I wrote down all my feeling and thoughts in my diary and they have kinda filled my room.


Thursday. I wake up and go find something to eat. Not leaving the house doesn't mean don't shopping online. I make myself a fruit smoothie and stalk back upstairs. I drink my smoothie and wrap myself back up in my quilt. 


"Beau?" It's Tom, I knew he would find me sooner or later. He opens the door, "Beau? I know your here" He says. I shuffle around in my bed trying to get comfy which is hard when you have a months worth of diary entries that were re-wrote 3 times a day. "Beau?" He asks softly. I take the quilt off and he comes and gives me a BIG hug. "Found you" He sings like he was a 5 year old. I smiled. I SMILED!!!!! "Lets get you ready shall we, then we shall talk, shan't we." I chuckle and nod. Tom goes to my wardrobe and finds me an outfit. He chucks me some jeans and a t-shirt. I then find my underwear and hop in the shower. I wash my hair and get dressed. I then walk back out to Tom who has cleaned my whole room up. I smile at him as we sit on the bean bag chairs that I had forgotten about. "What happened?" Tom asks, so I tell him everything.  



"I think that you should arrange a sort of picnic in the park with the 3 of them and tell them who you chose." Tom said, I told him everything apart from who I chose. "Okay, I'll phone them now" I reply. I grab my phone and Tom walks out the room. I dial their numbers and make it a joint conversation. They all pick up, "Hello?" they all say at the same time. "Hi" I say in a small voice. "Beau?" Niall asks. "Yeah" I reply "OMG, ARE YOU OKAY? WHY HAVEN'T YOU SPOKE TO US? WE THOUGHT YOU HAD DIED" Noah screams. "I'm fine and I needed to think." I reply quietly. "Erm could you all meet me at the park tomorrow at 4pm?" I ask. "YES" They all said. "Okay Bye" I say, "Bye Beau" "Bye Beau" "Bye Beau" They all say, then I hang up. I've done it.


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