A One Direction Love Story

I'm just an ordinary girl. That is, until my mom gets a job as One Direction's stylist! I'm surrounded by a family like no other. These boys are my life. I might even be falling for one of them....... -Madison


15. The Zoo

Louis gets out of the bus first, followed by Zayn, Liam, Niall, me, then Harry. Harry and I held hands and and exchanged a little kiss once we stepped out of the parking lot. We walk into the front entrance of the zoo and see a huge fountain with stone elephants squirting water out of their trunks. Suddenly, we see Barbara driving her golf cart up to us.

"Well hello there!" Barbara exclaims. "How are you all today?"

"Good." We replied.

"My name is Barbara Smith and it is such a pleasure having you all here!"

"Thank you!" We reply at the same time.

"Now, I know you all are known as One Direction, but I don't know your individual names. I'm so sorry!" Barbara says.

"I'm Harry."

"I'm Louis."

"I'm Niall."

"I'm Zayn."

"And I'm Liam."

"Nice to meet you! And who is this young lady here?"

"I'm Madison, Harry's girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you Madison! Well, we have tons of things to show you, so lets get started!" Barbara exclaims.

We all hop on this golf cart/ van thing. The seats face each other. I sat in the middle between Harry and Niall, Louis sat across from me, Liam sat across from Niall, and Zayn sat across from Harry. Barbara starts up the golf cart and starts driving.

"First, we are going to go see the elephants, then the kangaroos, koalas, monkeys, penguins, sea lions, reptiles, and insects." Barbara says while driving.

I HATE reptiles and insects! If I'm around them I might throw up!

After about 5 minutes of driving around, Barbara parks the golf cart in front of the elephants. We all get out and look around. You can definitely smell elephants and elephant poop. Each step we took, the stench got worse. "Liam, did you shower this morning?" Louis asks, jokingly. I laughed so hard.

"These here are our elephants from Africa. Would you like to feed them?" Barbara asks.

"Yes!!" I replied. She gave me a peanut and the elephant came over to me. It put it's trunk on my hand and then ate the peanut. After that, Barbara gave me some hand sanitizer, so I wouldn't get any germs from the elephants. Then we went to go see the koalas!

We each got to hold the koala and take a picture with it. The koala's name was Zoe. She was so adorable and wouldn't let go of you! She peed on Louis! That was the highlight of my day. It was hilarious!

Then we went to go see the insects. We went into this museum. In there there were spiders, butterflies, and so much more. One of the people that worked there brought out this HUGE tarantula. It was disgusting! He asked Harry if he wanted to hold it and he did! Then he started chasing me around with it. I could do nothing  but scream to the top of my lungs.


"Pet it!" Harry replied.

"NO!" I screamed.

Finally he stopped chasing me and gave it back to the worker.

When it was time to go, we all got on the tour bus and fell asleep.

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