A One Direction Love Story

I'm just an ordinary girl. That is, until my mom gets a job as One Direction's stylist! I'm surrounded by a family like no other. These boys are my life. I might even be falling for one of them....... -Madison


52. Off To London

After the Today Show left, Harry told me that he has to go to the UK for a tour that lasts 3 months. We thought it would be best if we moved to London before Kendall turned a month old, so we packed our suitcases and headed to London.


About 10 hours later, we got to Harry's mom's house. We were going to stay there until we found a place of our own. We were too tired to look at anything today, so we just rested.

The next morning we got up and started house hunting.


The first house we went to was very small. It was a 2 bedroom cottage. I didn't like it at all. The next house we looked at was basically a mansion. It had 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a huge living room. I thought it would be a perfect. The boys could have their own room whenever they came over and spent the night, and we would have lots of space to throw parties and stuff.

About a week later, we bought the house. Now we had to start buying furniture and painting. The first thing we did was Kendall's room. She had a huge room with a walk in closet and bathroom. We painted her room white with pink polka dots. We bought a new crib that was white and we got pink sheets for it. Then we got a white rocking chair and put a pink blanket over the side of it, and put some of her stuffed animals on the chair. We got a changing table that was white and pink, and we painted the closet pink. It took about 3 weeks to do, but at the end, it looked perfect.

Next, we redid the master bedroom. We painted it black and put up white pictures with lights inside of them. Then we put in white and black flooring and got a white bed spread. Then we got a little table and chairs for the balcony that overlooked the city. It took 2 weeks.


We finished the living room and dining room in about 5 weeks and piece by piece, our house was starting to be completed. We let the boys pick their own rooms and they told a designer what they wanted and the designer did a very nice job. Our house was complete and it looked perfect.

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