A One Direction Love Story

I'm just an ordinary girl. That is, until my mom gets a job as One Direction's stylist! I'm surrounded by a family like no other. These boys are my life. I might even be falling for one of them....... -Madison


22. Hospital

I was finally off the plane. It was crowded, crazy, and everyone knew who I was. I walked out of the gate and saw Louis. I ran up to him as fast as I could and hugged him for what felt like forever. I started crying and got tears all over his shoulder.

"I missed you!" I sobbed.

"I missed you too!" He replied.

I finally let go and we went out to his car. We got in and started driving to the hospital.

"What happened with Harry?!" I asked when we got in the car.

"We decided to go to Nandos and this guy came up to our table and said he was really jealous of Harry and he hated him and then all of a sudden he pulled out a knife and stabbed him. They put him in jail." Louis said.

The thought of Harry getting stabbed makes me cry.

We finally got to the hospital. We got out of the car and I held Louis' hand. We walk into Harry's hospital room. I see him laying there unconsious. I run up to the side of his bed and start crying. I hold his hand and whisper "I love you"

All of the sudden, his eyes open and his heart rate is back to normal. When he sees me, he smiles weakly.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, very weak.

"Helping you recover." I whispered.

The doctor comes in.

"Hello! I see Harry has woken up! How are you feeling, Lad?" The doctor asks.

"My side really hurts," Harry says.

"We will numb it again for you. We stitched it up, so you should be able to go home later today." The doctor says. "But, no running around for about 6 weeks. You need be in bed recovering."

"We will make sure he stays in bed." Louis says.

I'm so happy Harry's going to be okay.

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