A One Direction Love Story

I'm just an ordinary girl. That is, until my mom gets a job as One Direction's stylist! I'm surrounded by a family like no other. These boys are my life. I might even be falling for one of them....... -Madison


20. Disturbing Phone Call

It was about 2:00 AM. I was tossing and turning. I couldn't sleep. Suddenly, I got a phone call from Louis. He didn't understand the time zones from here to there, so he called me a lot at night. I thought he just wanted to talk so I ignored it. Then I got a call from Liam. He never calls me so I answer it, thinking it was urgent.

"Hello?" I said sleepily.

"Madison, you need to get up and get on the fastest flight to London." Liam said urgently.

"Why?" I asked, waking up a little bit.

"Somebody stabbed Harry and now he's knocked out." Liam said, worried.

I sprang up. "I'll be right there." I said. I ended the call. I quickly put my hair up in a bun and put my slippers on. I gathered  2 outfits, grabbed my purse and walked out the door. I got into my car and drove to the airport. In my mind I was scared, nervous, and upset. Why would somebody stab Harry? What has happened in the U.K. since I haven't been there? What is even going on?

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