Academy of Love

What would you say if you are accepted to an academy with the world's most famous boy band as teachers? Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall are One Direction. After having a successful career as pop stars, they're trying to be teachers at the ODA. The One Direction academy. To have these five guys as teachers is a privilege for 150 students. Thea is one of these. She and her friends have been accepted at the school and are allowed to study for a year at the academy. This is still not all. Besides the nearly normal school days, she has fallen in love with her teacher Zayn Malik. A mysterious teacher who seems as if he had something to hide...
Mr.Styles seems very nice at the first sight but then he becomes the enemy of the young schoolgirl...And if that's not enough, the girls will go thougt much trouble and danger to reveal the secret of the school....


3. The first lesson

I listened to the many voices of the students.Thea are all talking about the new teachers and stuff. I thinl it's a bit annoying but I can understand....They are are all excited. Finally, when a person entered the room all the students ,including me ,were silent. The lecture hall was now filled with peace and silence.

"Welcome, welcome.." It was Simon our school principal.

We all greeted him with a short and simple 'Good morning'.

"I want to introduce myself again for our new students. I am Simon Cowell. Your school principal ....."

I stoped to listen. I turned to Kylie, who was sitting next to me.



"I'm just gouing to my friends over right back ...."

I told her and got up to go to Julia and the the other  ,who sat a few seats behind me and Kylie.

"Hey..." I whispered softly.

"Thea, we have been wondering where you were." Julia said in surprise.

I sat down on the chair beside her. 

"Oh .. I sat next to Kylie ..... she is my new roommate, you know?" I pointed to Kylie.

Julia smiled and then turned back to me.

"She looks like a nice person ...." I laughed a little.

"Yes... she is a very nice girl."

"Oh my god! There is Mr.Styles !" she said in a whisper but it sounds more than a shout.Okay, i need to inform you, Julia  Mr.Styles is 'The sexyest person a live'. I kan understand her...he is hot but ....sexyest person a live ? C'mon ! I mean...look at Mr.Malik !

"Yes ... he had just visited me and Kylie in our room ..... it was a little strange because he said he just wanted to say hi ...." I said not interested in this whole conversation

"WHAT? Harry was in your room?"

Julia whispered the last part, because she had said the 'what' a little too loud, and wrere staring at us.

"Yes ... it's all right. No reason to become hysteric ..." I said with a smile on my face.

"Sorry..." Julia said and smiled at me. We talked the whole hour. The bell rung and we stand up to go out of the room. I went to Kylie to tell her that I will go outside with my friends.

"hey Kylie....oh... I see you've made new friends." I said, pointing to one of the girls who was talking to her before. Kylie had finally found her own friends at the Academy.

"oh.., Thea. Yes ... those are Tori and Ashlyn." I waved at them mit a grin on my lips.

"Nice to meet you .... Kylie? I will go with Julia, Anna and Pia.." She nodded and then turned back to her friends. I took my bag and went to the others ,who were waiting at the door for me.

"Can we go?" Anna asked.

"Yes .... sure." I answered her. Together we went to the campus. I could smell the autumn air. It was almost the end of the year and a little cold. I sat on a bench in the park of the campus."With whom are you in a room?" I asked them and pulled an apple out of my bag.

"Me and Anna are in a room!" Pia yelled cheerfully.

"I'm in a room with Naomi. But she is in a different class and is already 16." Julia sounded a little disappointed.. "Well .... whatever .... I mean, we have us!" I said to set the mood for something to cheer. "Yeah ..." Pia saied, laughing. "And I'm so glad we were all accepted at the Academy..." Anna said at the end. "Yes.... but a I miss my parents and my brothers a bit..." I looked at the floor. It haven't even been gone for a whole day and I missed my family! "Oh sweetheart ... you have now us as your family and you can also make calls every day to talk to them ....don't worry hun." I felt like I got tears in my eyes, but I tried not to show that I was sad. "Guys, I'll get me a coffee ...." I said, and heard my voice broke in the middle. "Okay ... we are waiting for you ..." Pia said. I got up, took my bag and made my way to the Starbucks Cafe `(which was also on the campus.). When I ordered my coffee, I heard a familiar voice from behind. I turned around.

"Hey ...."

"Oh...hello Mr. Styles ...." I felt the tension between us and shifted my foot.

"Umm .... you're Thea, right?" I nodded and smiled shyly.

"Yeah....Mr. Styles....nice to met you..." I said, laughing.

"Yes. Nice to meet you ... but as long as you don't have any lessons by me, you can call me Harry." I was a little confused. Should I call one of my teachers really by his first name? I mean .... it doesn't seem as if he would offer it to anyone.

"So .... Harry ...."

"Just .... just, Harry ..." I smiled. It was so embarrassing.

"Umm ... do you want a walk around the know, to show you everything?" I grinned.

"I would love to but my friends are waiting for me and ..." Harry interrupted me. "They wont be angry at you... just a few minutes ." He said in his deep, slow voice.

"All right ..." Harry grinned, took my wrist and pulled me with him.We talked for a while and it went through the campus, suddenly my phone in my pocket vibrate.A SMS from Julia. 'Where are you? We are waiting  the whole time for you! :( .."Shit," I mumbled softly, Harry had heard it apparently. "What's wrong love ?" he asked me with his husky voice,

"Oh .... no, just ... my friends are waiting on me. I should go "Harry nodded and hugged me goodbye.

"... I hope we will see us again soon.... "he said in the hug and burried his head futher into my neck.

" I hope so too ... we will see us in a lesson , i think. "I laughed and then turned around.After a while I found the entrance to the park again and then the bank, where the others were waiting for me.

"Thea! There you are!" I laughed.

"I'm endlessly sorry, I ... I ..." Julia interrupted me.

"Let's just go to the next period before we're late .." I nodded. We ran off to the next lecture. Room 41 was on the door. I opened it. I saw a smaller class and a teacher.

"Excuse me for being late, we-" I looked up an the teacher took my breath away. A young man with brown curly hair and green eyes stood on front of  me .

"W..We.." I stammered.

"No problem ... just sat on the empty places." Harry smiled at me. Or should I say Mr.Styles? I sat down with Julia, Anna and Pia on the last remaining places, just prior to the teacher's desk. Oh sure....that was the last thing I could think of.

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