Academy of Love

What would you say if you are accepted to an academy with the world's most famous boy band as teachers? Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall are One Direction. After having a successful career as pop stars, they're trying to be teachers at the ODA. The One Direction academy. To have these five guys as teachers is a privilege for 150 students. Thea is one of these. She and her friends have been accepted at the school and are allowed to study for a year at the academy. This is still not all. Besides the nearly normal school days, she has fallen in love with her teacher Zayn Malik. A mysterious teacher who seems as if he had something to hide...
Mr.Styles seems very nice at the first sight but then he becomes the enemy of the young schoolgirl...And if that's not enough, the girls will go thougt much trouble and danger to reveal the secret of the school....


6. NOTE !!! Please read :)


Hey guys. Thea here. I hope you enjoy my story so far...the last chapter is really borring and short, I'm sorry...anyways. I would like to say something.

If you want to be a character in my story 'academy of of love' is your chance !!!
I thought about these rolls :

Julia's roommate
Kylie's friends ( 3 people !)
and the new girl (she will be  one of the main rolles...)


PLEASE !!! If you want to be someone of that, feel free to asked me. You just need to tell me :
1. Your name
2. Your age
3. what rolle do you want to have ?
4. second role you want to have ?
5. Hobbys
6. appearance ( eye color, hair color, glasses....something like that :))

7. favourite member of one direction :)

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