Academy of Love

What would you say if you are accepted to an academy with the world's most famous boy band as teachers? Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall are One Direction. After having a successful career as pop stars, they're trying to be teachers at the ODA. The One Direction academy. To have these five guys as teachers is a privilege for 150 students. Thea is one of these. She and her friends have been accepted at the school and are allowed to study for a year at the academy. This is still not all. Besides the nearly normal school days, she has fallen in love with her teacher Zayn Malik. A mysterious teacher who seems as if he had something to hide...
Mr.Styles seems very nice at the first sight but then he becomes the enemy of the young schoolgirl...And if that's not enough, the girls will go thougt much trouble and danger to reveal the secret of the school....


2. My new rommate

The guys came on stage. The students screamed. "Hey, we are your new teachers for the rest of the year !" Harry said. Now Niall went to the microphone to greet them as well. "We hope we can teach you a few things this year..." I had to laugh a little. It was'nt  finally a normal school. There were no normal classes. In English class, we should write fanfics. In math class we should sing the Mathsong, Geography in the family histories of the boys and more. "We hope you will enjoy your time here at the  1D Academy!" Liam said.

The boys went back from the stage and there were Danielle and Elenor. There are rumours that danielle and Liam arent very  well but no one really knows whats about the two.If tey broke up or if they still together....They began to talk . Anna and I looked at each other. "These are the relief teacher." Anna sayed smiling. I nodded and said, "Yeah .. I know ..." Now there  was also Caroline Flack. Nobody really liked her but she was here  for the detention. No wonder .... She introduced herself briefly and then disappeared again. Me and the other three ran to be given us the keys to our rooms. I was'nt with any of the 3 in a room. I did'nt mind, you know, i will see them in classes and lunch....I felt it was a good opportunity to get to know new people. "... So I will go then..." I said softly  the girls smiled and nodded before I made my way to my new room. When I was going down the corridors, I stumbled over my own feet. I bumped into someone  and landed on him with a loud thund. I looked at him. He had brown eyes and dark hair.

"I.., I'm so sorry ... I stumbled ... I'm really sorry!" I stammered. He looked me in the eyes and began to laugh a little. Only now I noticed that it was Zayn. Zayn Malik. One of my new teachers at this school and i don't thing that was a good first meeting...

"Oh my god!"

I said and looked embarrassed at the floor. Why have to I be so clumsy all the time ?!

".... I'm so sorry .... I mean .. Zayn ....Mr.Malik." I stuttered again.

"No problem .." he said to reassure me.

"Could you .." he ask. I looked at him and then released what he meant.

"Oh Yeah, I'm really sorry!" I stood on un helped him up.

"See you in class ...." he whispered in my ear.

I kept quiet. Now, I looked at all the people who are all looking at me.What a awkward situation... I quickly ran to my room. 529th  was the number on the list. I went slowly to the door. When I came in, I saw 2 beds standing at the window. "Hey!" I heard a voice. "H...hello..." said the girl quitely.She had short brown hair and a shy smile.I took the right bed in front of me and set my things down. A small window above it. I looked around the room and cleared my throat.

".... What's your name?" she asked  me suddenly.I let my eyes wander to her.

"Thea." I answered her.

"Nice name ..

"Thank you ... and what's your name?" I asked her.

"Kylie ..."

"Hey. Um....howold are you?" I asked her.

She looked really young. Not that that's a bad thing.

"14 years ... I know... I look much younger!" We started to laugh a bit.

"You look beautiful ..." I said and smiled to her.I think she's a cute and nice girl.

"And...have you friends here?"she asked me curious.

"Yes ... I am here with my thre best friends actually." I answered her. and looked out of the window.

"You Lucky....I'm all alone .." she said sadly.

"No, you've got me now!"

I don't want her to be sad only because she has'nt freinds doesnt mean she's a bad person anything like that.

".. thank you ..." She said softly and hugged me. I smiled at her. There suddenly was a knock on the door that the two of us let go of our embrace

"COMING !," I yelled, and flung open the door. In front of me was a guy with brown, curly hair, mesmerizing green eyes and a Smile on his lips that shows his dimples completely.

"Hi," he said relaxed.

"Uhm ... can I help you?" I asked him. Now he looked me in the eyes. "No ... I just wanted to stop by and greet  a pair of the new students here.." he said. I was shocked. "Oh...wait ! Mr. Styles I.... OMG ! I'm so sorry i didnt noticed-.." He smiled at me. "See you in class." he said and turned around to go down the hallways.I closed the door again. "Who was it?" Kylie asked me. "... no one ..." I answered her. I lay down on my bed. "And what are we doing today ?" I asked. "I think we still have a few lectures and then .." I interrupted her. "When? When we have these classes?" I asked her i shock. Nobody has told me about that !. "I think in about... half an hour."I jumped up from my bed and ran into the bathroom with the uniform in my hand. It was a striped T-shirt, a versaty-jacket , a snapback , overknee socks and a red skirt. When I came back out ,Kylie looked with wide eyes at me . "You look hot !" "Thank you ... you too!" I said with a smile. She looked shyly at the floor. "I love your hair! They are so wonderful and I love your eyes!" "Kylie" "Yes?" "Thank you .You're a great friend..." She looked at her clock. "Let's go. Otherwise we are going to be late!" she said. We both walked out the door into the hallway.

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