Academy of Love

What would you say if you are accepted to an academy with the world's most famous boy band as teachers? Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall are One Direction. After having a successful career as pop stars, they're trying to be teachers at the ODA. The One Direction academy. To have these five guys as teachers is a privilege for 150 students. Thea is one of these. She and her friends have been accepted at the school and are allowed to study for a year at the academy. This is still not all. Besides the nearly normal school days, she has fallen in love with her teacher Zayn Malik. A mysterious teacher who seems as if he had something to hide...
Mr.Styles seems very nice at the first sight but then he becomes the enemy of the young schoolgirl...And if that's not enough, the girls will go thougt much trouble and danger to reveal the secret of the school....


4. friend or enemy ?


I looked around the room. All eyes were on Mr.Styles. I let my eyes wander around the room again, searching for Kylie and her

friends but no. She was'nt in this class, too.

Maybe she's in another. I mean, there are enough classes you could go.

Mr.Styles watched me the whole time. I was a little bit worried but okay....

Pia sat beside me and nuged me with her pen. "What ?!" I wispered annoyed.

"Why is Mr.Styles starring at you all the time ?"

I giggled. "He is'nt." i answerd Pia mit a smile.

"Oh he is ! Look !" I turned to the board to see our teacher inches away from me with a playfull grin on his face.

"Miss Adams. Could you say the answer to my question ?"

I sig. "Umm...I were..."
"Distracted? With your thoughts elsewhere?" I nodded simply. The whole class laughed and I could have sank into the ground....awkward !

He nodded too with a smile and made his way back to the middle of the room.


Pia laughed. "I hate him....and you !...." I mumbled under my breath.

"Love you , too." she answered with a smile and looked back to the other girls next to her.
20 minutes later the period ended and I literally stormed out of the class. "Thea, WAIT !" I hear Julia's voice.
"Hmm?"  I asked annoyed. "What's wrong ?" she asked me calming. I shook my head. " about we grab a bit to eat and ditch the rest of the classes...i'm not in the mood right now to listen to more borring stuff iike that before....?" I suggested. Julia had a big grin on her face. She nodded.

"I will inform Anna and Pia .....we will met in 15 minutes at the entrace."
 Julia saied and ran to Pia and Anna.
I made my way back to the entrace but before I arrived there I notice a hand on my lower back. "Hey." I heard a too familiar voice behind me.
"What ?!" I shouted pissed. "Thea, what's wrong ?" asked Harry. "What's wrong ? WHAT'S WRONG ?! You embarrassed me in front of the whole class and you ask me what's wrong? I thought we were friends!"

"We are !"

"Oh yeah ? And why that ?! In class it hasnt  looked like that !
I made a fool out of myself in front of everyone, at my first day. BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU JERK !"

"Excuse me ?! I'm your teacher ! YOUR FUCKING TEACHER ! Don't dare to talk to me like that !"
"But I thought if I don't have a lesson by you I can talk to you like that ?!"

Harry is silent. "I thought so...!" and with that, I walked away.
"Oh wait...'Mr.styles' time in class, I would find it better if you would'nt stare the whole time at me....thanks." I saied a little too bitchy and turned around again to go to my appointment.....

I hope the girls didnt hade to wait too long for me....

(A/N): has been a long time...I'm soo sorry  for not posting since almost a half year ! I'M SOOOOOOOO SORRY ! (again) Sorry , if it's a little too short....i will post more in the week. love ya all ;) <3 ~Thea xx

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