Academy of Love

What would you say if you are accepted to an academy with the world's most famous boy band as teachers? Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall are One Direction. After having a successful career as pop stars, they're trying to be teachers at the ODA. The One Direction academy. To have these five guys as teachers is a privilege for 150 students. Thea is one of these. She and her friends have been accepted at the school and are allowed to study for a year at the academy. This is still not all. Besides the nearly normal school days, she has fallen in love with her teacher Zayn Malik. A mysterious teacher who seems as if he had something to hide...
Mr.Styles seems very nice at the first sight but then he becomes the enemy of the young schoolgirl...And if that's not enough, the girls will go thougt much trouble and danger to reveal the secret of the school....


5. a new place...

 *Still Thea's POV*

"Where were you ?" julia asked me a little annoyed because they had to wait a little.
"Sorry...I talked to...a friend."
Or not. He's not a friend anymore...he never really was but whatever.
Now I'm trying to have a good day with my friends.
Me and the girls made our way out of the schools hallway and went in the park near the little coffe shop.
I really like this place. It's peaceful. After a while we all sat in the little medow. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining on my face. I sat straight up because of a noise i heard a little further away.
"Guys ?"
"Yeah, Thea ?"
"Did you hear that ?"
"What ?" asked Pia.
"It sounds" I answer her with a questioning look on my face.
"A what ?"
"I don't know...but it came from that direction..." I pointed at an old little building behind the big ones.
"Let's see what it is !" Julia yelled and stands up.
"No...It sounds scary..."
"Oh c'mon Anna ! Live a litte !" Anna shakes her head. I nughed her and looked her in the eyes.
"C'mon." she ginned a little.
"Okay, okay..."
"YEY !" We all stand up and go to the house where the odd noise came from. It was a smal little house. Hidden behind the other big buildings where the lessons are held. In front of me is a big wooden door. "Should we really go in there ?" Anna asked. I rolled my eyes at her and take the doorknob in my hand. I open the door with a loud creak. In front of me thousands of bookshelfes. Julia turns the light on.
"Wow...It's a old libary." Pia states and goes to one of the shelfs.She picks an old book out and opens it. Julia just stand beside me. "I hate books." I chuckle a little at her ,letting my eyes wander around the room. "Maybe that will be our new place ?" I asked with a smile plasterd on my face. "A libary ?" Julia asked confused. "Why not ? We have much space , good books to read and time alone. Nobody will notice." "It's an opinion. And we won't get cought when we're ditching classes. In the park they would find us so or so." I nod. "I don't know..." "Oh c'mon Julia. Live a little." Anna mocked Julia's voice from before. "Okay...maybe it isn't that bad..."
We all spent a while in the library, looking at plenty of books , talking about our new teacher and gossip about everyone and everything. At 9 p.m. we went back to the academy.
"See ya tomorrow, ladys." I waved at the girls and opend the door to my room. Kylie was fast asleep. I smiled at her and changed in my pyjamas.
I lay in my bed and after a while I fell into a dreamless sleep.


(A/N): So guys, this is chapter 5 !!! YEAAAAAH !!! I hope you like it. If so, please tell me in the comments...;* thanks

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