One Direction Imagines

Saw someone doing these and now I wanna try :DD


1. Imagine... (Liam)

Imagine that you're standing in the supermarket.

it's a hot summer day and you promised yuor mom to go shopping. You're standing in the loooooong line and waiting with your two bags full of various food products. In front of you there stands a tall, blond girl who clutches her magazine in one hand, and her mobile phone in her other. She talks very loudly about a party, who nobody in the line cares about. After a few minutes, where the line barely moves, you get irritated at her constant brabbling, which only seems to get louder and louder.

"Could you please be quiet?" you ask annoyed. You're barely mumbling, so she doesn't hear you. You clear you throath and repeat it a bit louder. The girl looks irritated at you and lifts one of her bleach blond eyebrowns.

"Shut up." she says, and returns talking to her phone -louder than before. The others in the line give you a pitiful look but don't do anything.

Suddenly someone behinds you begins to talk. You didnt even notice that somebody had come so you almost jump up, when the male voice asks the excact same question, that you just did.

The girl turns around, allready wearing that annoyued expression again.

But then she suddenly frowns. Her hot pink mobile phone drops to the floor with a "clack" and rolls on the floor. Her mouth is open, showing a piece of disgusting gum in her mouth. Quickly she composes herself.

The girl puts on her most winning smile. Then she pulls down her shirt even more, and pulling up her skirt, which basically leaves her without any clothes on.

"Of course, hon. I was just about finishing the call anyway."

You resist the urge looking back, scared that it might get you any more snappy comments from her. But judging her behavior, it must've been some REALLY hot guy!!

You look down in the  ground, hoping that you're invisible enough now. The guy behind you just answers "It's your turn". Baffled about the response the girl shoots him a last flirting look, speechless, and then turns to the kassa to pay.


You quickly pay, and then leave the shop. Outside the same girl is standing again, probably waiting for the guy who you still haven't looked at. She's probably waiting for him, you think. You stand on the other side of the doorway, waiting for your mother who promised to pick you up, while she's putting on more make up -as if that's even possible.

Suddenly she get's interrupted, when a big red sportscar pulls up next to her, right in front of the store entrance. A blonde, muscular guy smiles at her. "Coming baby? Let's hit the party!!"

She shoots a glance back at the store, then at her boyfriend. "I'm coming sweetheart" she yells and walks to the car. When she walks past you, she kicks over your two bags of groceries, standing on the ground, and looks at you.

"What are you looking at?" she says, and gets in the car, where the two drive away.

Completely in chock, you first after they have driven away get down and pick up the stuff.

"Need help?" It's the voice.

You turn around and see him. Without a doubt you know it's the guy from the store. His brown hair is ever so sligtly ruffled, and he sends you a smile. A real smile, not that colgate commercial kinda smile the other guy did.

You look down in the ground, while Liam -THE Liam Payne!!, gets down and helps you picking up your stuff. And while doing that you two begin talking, and you begin to like him.

And then you both reach out for the milk laying on the asphalt, and his hand gently brushes yours. He looks in your eyes and you look back. You sit there for a while.

The best day in your life.



Note: Not all of them are going to be so long :DD

PLease write which ones you would like next!!! sad, romantic, fun, and so on....

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