Abby was a toddler when her mother abandoned her and gave her away to an adoption agency. She was adopted by her ‘parents’ at the age of two so she didn’t really remember anything. Now ,at the age of 17, she starts having suspicions. Someone is going to have to answer some tricky questions, because one way or another, she is going to find out the answers.


1. The Truth Comes Out

I hate my life. Now I'm all on my own, walking in pitch black darkness. Why did they wait until my eighteenth birthday to tell me that I'm adopted? I now that its law and all but I wish that they would of told me earlier in my life. I don't even know who I am any more, and trust me, I know that every teenager says that, but I actually mean it. And now my real mum doesn't want me! I feel so betrayed by the stranger that gave birth to me, yet I feel like I have expected that she would be like that anyway. So eventually, I became less shocked that she called me a mistake and slammed the door in my face. What will I do now?

Earlier that week...


I can hear the birds chirping outside of my window. They sing such lovely songs about freedom, love and peace. It always makes me even more happier when I hear that precious sound. It makes me stop and think of what a wonderful life I lead. Oh no, I almost forgot. I immediately open my eyes.

"Happy 18th Birthday love." chorus Mum and Dad.

"Thank you"

I'm not actually looking at my parents at the moment. Actually, I am staring at the huge pile of presents in the corner of my bedroom. They are all covered in velvety wrapping paper each with an individual multicoloured ribbon.  





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