Dead Beautiful

Can Renée Winters get herself out of danger before it is too late?


5. The guy that said he loved me, only loved me for seeking revenge!


I was absorbing the story, until I realised what he said at the end,

“Wait, Dante I thought you were dead, did someone come and save you?” My voice cracked

“I`m an Undead.” He continued without letting me speak, “It is when a person comes back from the dead and seeks revenge.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I said as my voice began to shake.

“Because you are the one how killed me, your name is Renée Winters. You have her soul.”

I was left speechless, what was he going to do? He turned his back to me. After a minute or two, he turned back to me. I was staring at his eyes. It was red, there was only word that I could read in his eyes, and it was revenge. I tore my gaze off him and went to his hands. He was holding a knife.


“DANTE!” I screamed as he walked towards me.

“I seek revenge. You have her soul and for that you must sacrifice your life.”

He moved closer to me. I kept walking back, until I couldn’t go any further. He was an inch away from me. The knife came towards my stomach. I could feel the pain of the knife going through.

“Dante! Please.” I whispered.

“I am sorry.” Was all he said.

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