Dead Beautiful

Can Renée Winters get herself out of danger before it is too late?


3. Joy!!!


Whilst Dante was waiting outside my room, I got changed as fast as I could. I looked in the mirror before I was about to go. I observed what I was wearing. I just realised what I put on, I was wearing my boy shorts that I got from Prada and a tank top from Alexander MQueen. I put on my Christian Louboutin platforms. I grabbed my Chanel purse on the way out. When I opened the door, Dante turned around and looked at me like he never saw me before. His next question just made me want to laugh.

“Everything you are wearing is designer, but you just came here. When did you go shopping without me?” he said mockingly.

“London is not the only country who has expensive brands you know.” I said trying to copy his tone, but failed.


I felt the sun on my bare legs. It felt nice to move from a country which was always cold to a place where there was sun. Warm breezes rushed past my hair. We didn`t say a word, we just walked observing our surroundings. I felt his hand slide into mine, but did not say a word. He guided me through the busy streets. We came to a stop in an abandoned street. He turned me so he was facing me. He leaned towards me to kiss me, but he jumped back and started muttering something that I couldn`t quite hear.  His back was towards me and when he turned around, his eyes were red. He pinned me against the wall. Questions screamed through my head, but it never came out. For once in my life I was scared. My heart thumped faster. Dante leaned into me and whispered in my ear,

“Do you know why I moved back when I was going to kiss you?”

“No” was all I could say.

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