Dead Beautiful

Can Renée Winters get herself out of danger before it is too late?


4. In for a shock!!!



“Shall I tell you the truth” He didn`t wait for and answer, “In my past life, my parents died when I was 4. I had no one. So I came to this boarding school. That is where I met Renée Winters.”

I found my voice, when he said my name

“You met-” I started to say, but Dante cut me off

“You can ask questions at the end, not now.” He continued with his life story, “I asked her out. After two days, it became official that we were an item. We went out, everywhere. I gave my heart to her. She was the only thing I wanted. After losing my parents I felt hopeless like a part of me had just vanished. When I met her I felt like I had just returned. I felt like there was a meaning to life. I wanted to live for her. She was the only person I had. One Saturday we went out to town. She dressed exactly like you. She wore all the brands that you are wearing right now. She pulled me into this abandoned street. We stood there for a while until she turned around and met my gaze and told me that she did not love me, that she knew I was cheating on her, but I wasn`t. I tried telling her that she was the only thing I wanted.”


“She didn`t believe me, she said that she saw me with another girl, but it wasn`t true. She turned her back to me and when she turned around. She was holding a knife. She put it to my stomach and told me that her parents had killed my parents. I was shocked, I was left speechless.  She told me the truth. She told me that she was sent to kill me and that is why she was with me, not because she loved me. Her mission was to kill me, so that our family would die, I did not know why they wanted to kill my family. I tried asking her, but she wouldn`t tell me. I pleaded her; she drew the knife into me. I was left on the street bleeding. No one came for me when I cried out for help.” I could tell he was finished. 

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