Dead Beautiful

Can Renée Winters get herself out of danger before it is too late?


1. Goodbye New York


When I was young, I had a lot of health problems, after my mum passed away. My Das put me in a mental hospital thinking that I had lost my mind. As a kid, I never had many friends, seeing as people thought I was mental. Their parents did want me near their kid, all thanks to my father of course.  The only friend I had was Tucker, but now I had left him in New York and moved to London. His parents never wanted me over, but Tucker was always protesting, he didn’t eat for a week because his parents said that I couldn’t come over. I had enough of causing people trouble and that is why I moved to London. It was also because in school many people teased me, they called me names. I got into a fight and knocked the daylights out of her, I was expelled. I applied nearly too all the schools in New York, but I got rejected, so that is another reason why I came to London, to get a school.


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