Is She The 1? Is He The 1?...

this' stroy is based on one direction and a girl name leanna'
well i can't give out anything so just read my story
i hope you like yall :)


4. what's happening?!

Harry's P.O.V

When I finish getting dressed and look nice for my date with Leanna, I went downstairs to wait for

her. As soon i saw her come down the stairs my eyes were just starring at her and I started to fall

for her more because her beautiful curls & the way she look was so stunning ^-<3

All i can think was her the whole time when she was trying to talk to me' :P

So then I stop thinking about her and her dreaming eyes and went back to reality.

I took out my hand and waited for her to put her hands on my hand so we can walk out the door

2gether *hands sticks out*, then she grabbed it and we walked out together smiling :). We both

said "Goodbye" to Anne( Harry's mother). *Anne had a huge smile on her face and waved

goodbye* When walk to the car, i opened the door for Leanna * opens car door* & she giggled

and said "thank you Harry". * closed the door & walked to the other side and open the door to get

in*, so then when i sat in the car all i see is Leanna making a funny cute face like she did

something bad.  *harry looking for the keys every where* Then i looked at Leanna and she started to

giggle more and i laugh and said "hey i know you got the keys Leanna! :)" leanna said "nah uh, maybe you have to catch to get it :P :).....

*Leanna opens the door and ran outside on the grass* *harry try's run after Leanna*

When i was chasing Leanna i felt like i can do anything with her, she is too amazing, she like

angel from heaven <3. *Catches Leanna & fall to the ground*


Leanna's P.O.V

When Harry caught me from our chase, i started to have the butterfly's in my tummy, but the good

kind of butterfly's though<3. We were both laying on the grass starring at the stars above, it was

8pm at night so stars were coming out already. As me and Harry try to catch our breathe from all

the running, Harry said "umm why were u walking alone on that i met you?"

I said "Well i woke early that & so i got lazy to get up so i stayed in bed & i was in bed thinking

why my boyfriend never comes home often like he use too. Everyday he said he had to go do something,

he wouldn't come back till like two days later or something, we never get to hang out like we use

too when we were dating, while i was talking to myself on my bed " *harry giggles* i was " what u

giggle about hu!?" & he said "nothing keep going" i said " so umm oh yeah i heard the door open

downstairs so i was wondering who it could be, so i grabbed my lamp and checked downstairs and

the person who came into my house came up stairs so i ran back in my room and closed it slowly

quietly and ran under the bed and the person caught me, i didn't get to see the face of the person

but i think they saw my face though. So i ran out my house and that person never catched up to me."

* harry gets close to me and lay on his side and looked at me * and i was smiling *leanna laid on

her opposite side of harry* * both smile & stared into each other eyes*.

harry said " Leanna don't worry I'm here i will watch you and no one will ever come & get you

because your my princess and I don't want any1 to touch my princess <3 ^_<3


Harry's P.O.V

When me & Leanna were laying on grass next to each other and starring into each other eyes i just

had to let her know how i feel about her. *someone screams HARRY*

Leanna & I looked and stood up to see who was screaming for Harry's name &' it was a girl :0


Leanna's P.O.V

We saw this girl who screamed Harry's name & omg she was beautiful like really beautiful

with her long light brown hair and her flower pink dress and she was really skinny like

skinny model pretty. Harry just looked really surprised and didn't know what to say. I said " Hi my

name is Leanna, umm who are you?!" she said "oh Hi my name is Jessica I'm Harry's GF"

*Leanna froze and starts to have a tear come down her chubby cheek*



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