Is She The 1? Is He The 1?...

this' stroy is based on one direction and a girl name leanna'
well i can't give out anything so just read my story
i hope you like yall :)


3. The Next Day

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up on the couch laying with Leanna, it was cute how she was laying on my arms asleep just

snuggling close to me. I wanted this moment to last as long it can, her cheeks were so chubby and

perfect and hair long and lush, she look so ADORABLE that I just want her to be mine forever<3.

But i doubt if she'll like me because I'm to famous and she probably doesn't think I'm trustworthy if i go

on tour because I'm the flirty cute guy ;3....

After couples of minute of watching her sleep on my arms snuggling into me, she woke up

Her eyes were BEAUTIFUL *.* I instantly fall for her more now. When she woke up she started to 

blush so much that you can see it straight out ...oo how she knows how to make a guy fall in love with

her beautiful eyes, face...actually i mean everything is just perfect about her. She has that one thing

but i just don't know what it is about her that i can't say.


Leanna's P.O.V

As soon as i woke up i noticed i was laying next to Harry in his arm. i was so embrassed that i jump

out off the couch and said "I'm sorry i must' of dosed off on your arms last night when we finished

watching the movie "The Notebook". while i was still blushing Harry said "Don't worry about it, i

actually like how you slept with me in my arms <3 :).

*Door opens* Harry's mom " I see you teens had a great night didn't ya" ;) *everyone laughing*

Then i started to blush more and i giggle. Harry said "Hey ummm *arms put over his shoulder

rubbing his neck* would you ummm like to go to the movies today with me" *asking nervously*

*blushing more than ever blush* i said "yeah :)". So Anne (Harry's mom) went to her room to rest

her feet because she was tired from jogging outside. Harry went to shower and get ready for our

(supposed date), and i did 2. I went to go take a shower after harry did and when i finished i went

Grace room and put on sleeping clothes first, so i dryed my hair and i curled it next, after i finished

curling it i messed up the curls to make my hair look really crazy hair. *knocks on door*

i said "come in it's open" and it was Anne she said "here's a outfit i bought for you earlier when you

were showering, it's for you to wear when your with harry :)". i told her "you didn't have to buy me

anything you've done to much already & thank you again for letting me stay and for this outfit"

Anne smiled and me and i smiled back :D' *she left the room and closed the door slowly*

So i put my converse my blue pear jeans and a plain white shirt with a black cardigan that Anne got

me :).


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