Is She The 1? Is He The 1?...

this' stroy is based on one direction and a girl name leanna'
well i can't give out anything so just read my story
i hope you like yall :)


2. Is It Really Him?!

Harry's P.O.V

I ran to the girl who was walking in her cute little pj's & little bunny shoes.

*pat the girl on the back* "Hi my name is Harry Styles, why are you out here in the cold with that

kind of clothes? Are you lost?" I asked so many question wondering why a cute girl like her

wondering around looking all lost. When I saw her turn around her beautiful eyes caught my


& her smoothing looking hair. All I was thinking in my head was 'she's so beautiful and adorable'

I was still waiting for the answer but she looks like she's freezing that she can't talk.

*took of my jacket & I put it around her*. I asked her if she would like to come in a comfy house

& she nodded' head, *walked to Harry's house*.

*open doors* I opened the door for her and we both walk in the

house. I asked her to follow me *walks to kitchen* I walked over to my mum and kissed her on the

cheek and said "Good morning mum did u have a pleasant sleep" she said "Yes I did :)"

I asked my mum "mum can my friend stay over, she's very confuse right and I want to help her till

she gets back on her feet please mum!" *begs mum* she said " sure she can"


Leanna's P.O.V

When Harry asked his mother if i can stay a couple of days at his house I was so pleased and

happy. I walked over to Harry's mum and said " Thank you for letting me stay I'm very thanks,

my name is Leanna I live like 20 min from here " *shakes Harry's mum hands*

Harry's mum said " you can stay in Gemma's room it's Harry's sister, she's gone for 3 weeks"

I said "thank you" and she went and showed me the room I was staying in his house for now. She

give me a pair clothes to wear. I asked her "where's the restroom Harry's mom" she said "down the hall and

you can call me Anne :)". I said " Thank you one more time for let me staying here" *she smiled

and nodded'. So I put on the pairs or black sweat and a white V-shirt, I tied my hair in a bun.

When I finish getting dress I open the restroom door and walked slowly downstairs, but I stopped

the top of the stairs because I heard Harry & his mum talking * talking downstairs*.

I didn't want to a weirdo and listen to there conversation so I just walked downstairs & I saw harry

staring at me with his pretty green eyes *smiled at him* & *he smiled back*

"Hi & Good morning every body". Harry walked over to me and asked me if I wanted to eat some

break-feast I said "Yes please":). Harry and I walked over to the kitchen and I helped him with

 breakfast. I went to the fridge and opened *opened fridge door* and got butter & bread, I

put the bread in the toaster and I put the butter on the side & got a butter knife & i took out the first

bread of the toaster, I put butter and spread back and fourth to all three bread I made for Harry,

Anne, and me and I got orange juice for harry and me

I made coffee for Anne, we all ate together at dinning table. Harry made eggs with sausage.After

eating break-feast I cleaned up all the mess and

when I was the dish, I saw on the corner of my eyes Harry adoring me while I'm cleaning. 

*giggling & smiling*. Harry came over to me and said "would you like to watch a movie with my

in the living room? I have popcorn:D" I started to smile and said "sure" *smiled at him & he

smiled back *

So harry made popcorn and I was sitting on the couch after I finished with the dish. Anne was

in her room sleeping because she was exhausted, harry and I watching "The Notebook" (My

favorite movie & Harry's). *both eating popcorn and interested in the movie*








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