Is She The 1? Is He The 1?...

this' stroy is based on one direction and a girl name leanna'
well i can't give out anything so just read my story
i hope you like yall :)


1. Forgotten :/

Leanna's P.O.V

As I woke up in my room, I started to wondered about one thing, it was about my boyfriend.

I noticed he's been leaving the house late at night and not coming back home until the day after.It was

depressing when i didn't see him next to me holding me like he use too. Was I becoming not good

for him enough? I've been thinking about it, was he cheating behind my back?

I wished he'll tell me what's he doing out so late at night and not telling me any 'goodbyes' or give

a kiss on the cheek.

When I was still in bed thinking about my boyfriend, I heard the door open. *door opens*

I was wondering who can be here right now. So I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe that was

hanging on the doorknob, then i grabbed a lamp that was on the side of my bed and i had my phone

on the other side of my hand, I made sure the phone was on 911 before going downstairs.

I walked on the side of my wall slowly and quietly like a spy, I heard footsteps coming up the stair.

*panic* I ran back into my room and lock the doors, the footstep getting louder and louder every

time I back away from the door. *doorknob turns back and fourth slowly* I started to wonder

could be a robber or maybe Omar (boyfriend), so I started thinking of a place to hid *ran under the

bed*. I was under there still thinking of what I should do if the person in my house catches me,

*door opens* i kept quiet trying not breathe so hard, I saw the shoes of the person who invaded my

house. All sudden I saw the person walking around the room wondering or finding something in

the room. *phones vibrates* i started to panic and try to find my phone and then the person started

to run next to the bed & I stopped the phone from vibrating. Then the person slowly bends down

and lifts up the sheet of my bed, I got so frightened that i found a shoe under my bed and threw it

at the persons face when they saw under the bed. I slide to the other side of the bed and I try run

opposite direction the person. *ran to the door* I ran as fast as I could, but he kept catching up to

me and so i got downstairs and jump through the window and the guy stopped chasing me. So I

just walked the rest of the time on the side walk all cold, I lived in England & it was early in the

morning so i had on pj's it had pictures of donuts on it & I have some comfy bunny shoes on.

I was still frightened about the guy who was chasing me, I didn't get a good glance at him. I was 

hoping he will leave sooner or later. 'rubbing the side of my arms'

*someone screaming behind me* I got scared when someone for me because I started thinking it

was the robber. I turned my head slowly back & it was the guy from 'One Direction boys'!



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