The Wolf in the Dark

My first ever story. Please read and tell me what you think of it, honestly. I would really appreciate it.


1. Back to School

"Oh. My. God! Marie, I told you I didn't want to see you ever again." Amelia shouts at me before I even step foot in her room. 

This is OK, considering she is my sister. And I ruined her stuff - as well as her life. And anyway, she's stressed about going back to school, so I don't expect her to be in a good mood.

She tries though. If you don't look to closely her bedroom is an ideal, ready to go back to school scenario. She has her suitcase neatly packed, well suitcases, and she has even started to organise her books. There's even a carrier bag full of presents for her friends.

But then you notice the rest of the room: the rest of her clothes flung over the bed, the ones that don't fit in the suitcase or don't fit her. There is make-up scattered on the floor, ruining her white carpet. The bag of presents also has alcohol, cigarettes and a selection of other things that are banned. There's even alcohol inside one of her friend's 'presents'.

Mum believes she is innocent. Dad kisses Amelia and tells her how good she is. I stay in my room and pretend I don't know what she is doing.

I still grin when I walk through the door anyway, even after spending all Summer in the cleaning the room as Amelia continued to make it messy. You get to find out secret information when you're tidying. Maybe sometimes even when you're not.

I hope.

I glance at her poster collection as I walk towards her: One Direction, a couple of guys smiling at the camera, JLS. Her wall is pretty empty - but it's September, start of school.

"It's nice to see you too," I say perching on the edge of her bed.

"Of course, honey, you know I love you." says Amelia, passing me a pile of her clothes for me to fold. "But aren't you supposed to be busy now? You know, packing or whatever you day kids do.

It's arrival day. The day they the boarders all arrive at The Taylor Academy. Today's the day all the kids promise Mother and Father, they will be good children, and wave goodbye.

"Nobody's back yet" I tell her.

Nobody I want to see anyway. Mutti forced me up there last week to help her count tennis rackets, and I went to check the arrivals in Vati's timetable. Corrie and Anna are supposed to be arriving at 8 pm. Oliver is due to arrive at 9 pm. 

"Anyway, Mutti told me to come and help you finish packing!"

"I help!" comes Sophie's voice from under the bed.

Amelia rolls her eyes and shoves her freshly folded clothes in the case.

Sophie climbs out from under the bed, adds her teddy to the case, puts her thumb in her mouth and sneaks away again.

Sophie is our three year old sister, and the other reason I come in Amelia's room. Anna seems to think she is sweet anyway, judging by all those times she went to "look at Amelia's posters". She is kind of sweet, what with the golden curls and the way she has a lisp. And she lets me experiment with her hair. She's going to teach me how to hide under the bed. I even get talked to by Ethan sometimes, her teddy.

Amelia passes me more clothes to put in the case. Socks, tights, belts, leg-warmers. Everything that she had already packed. 

I realize Amelia hovering, watching me pack her stuff, and fiddling with her hair. I suspect she wants to change what she's taking. 

"So... you sure you don't want to board honey?" she asks instead.

"Yep. Why would I?"

She leaves her hair and bites at her nails instead, ruining the newly manicured look. " It's been OK in the past but... you've got exams this year. Maybe you want to go to the parties. Maybe you, you know, might want to give it a try? Spend more time with your friends?"

I understand.

"You mean, do you want me to avoid being the only kid who doesn't board?"

"I just thought it would be uncomfortable for you, honey. Not sleeping with your friends. Not going to parties with your non-friends even?"

I shake my head. "Actually I'm kind of looking forwards to that part. It'll be like awesome sneaking back into school. And I don't have to go to every party."

Amelia smiles. "I see you are really looking forwards to going back. Don't moan at mum though, she wishes you would go too."

"I'll try and be kind."

"Ethan will look after Mumsy!" says Sophie. "Did you hear that Ethan?"

"You staying with this look for term time, honey? says Amelia, waving up and down with a scarf.

"You mean the bobble-hat? Oh, the bobble-hat is definitely staying."

The bobble-hat is my thing right now. It's a woolly hat, one of those with a pompom on top. I found it in the attic at school after clearing it with Vati.  I've decided a professional ice-skater left it there, when they went back to wherever they came from.

The fact that it has pictures of wolves on it is totally a coincidence. 

"Well, I love it," says Sophie. She even gives me a hug and a kiss. 

Then Vati knocks on the door, ready to take me across the road for the party, as promised.

It's time to go back to Taylor Acad. Time for my life to begin again.

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