Harry's True Love

Harry Styles. Famous and young. When a girl comes into his life, it's about to change forever.


2. Crush

Chloe's POV
Liam whistled when Harry held my hand. I couldn't believe it. I love him. I just really hope he won't just use me, but I hope he feels the way that I do. I just hope my heart doesn't break.

Harry's POV
"So, Chloe, where do you live" I asked
"Oh, it's a beautiful place called Calla, it's local"
"I've never been there before, sounds great"
"Yeah, I'm just going to the toilets" She said, and she went
"Getting on great there, Hazza" Liam said. Niall ran over.
"Just as well you got there, more and more people are coming in." He then walked over to a group of girls, and they all giggled.

Chloe's POV

"Sara?" I asked. She was in the toilet applying makeup.
"Yes Chloe? She replied. "Hows Harry?" She giggled.
"Gosh, I can't believe it. I was thinking if we could go back.."
"With Harry?" She smiled
"Only for me to show him the village, Sarabear."
"Ok, I'll the bus home, but you can take my car after your performance at the bar"
"Great, see you later!" I said, and I walked back to Harry.

Harry's POV
She sat down again, and she looked excited.
"Harry, later would you like to go to Calla with me?"
"I'd love to!" I said. She's asking me on a date? "On a date?"
"Um.. yes!" She blurted out. Then she went red.
"Great!" I said, then I hugged her. Then I remembered about the paparazzi.
"I have to go get ready, I work here" She walked off, and I followed her to behind the stage.
She grabbed a guitar and strummed it, while she sang perfectly.
"You're amazing" I said to her.
"Well Harry, you're the famous one, you're amazing"
And with that, she walked onto the stage.

"Hey there, I am Chloe Adams and I am 20. I am going to perform for you tonight."
Everyone was cheering.
"This song is dedicated to the guy I love, Harry Styles."
She started to sing Taylor Swift's Safe And Sound.

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