Harry's True Love

Harry Styles. Famous and young. When a girl comes into his life, it's about to change forever.


1. Chloe

Harry's POV

Another evening in the busy city of London. Me and the boys are going to a club in South London.
Niall said he's looking for a girl. I'm not wanting a girlfriend yet. Once I get settled, then yes. For now, im young and single. Hey, I'll always have Louis.
Me, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall sat in our black limo. The speakers were blaring, and we had a drink. This was gonna be a good time.

Chloe's POV

I tried on my red dress, which was one that hugged your body. I was meeting Sara soon. I stood at the mirror, turning round. I wore this dress once at a night out. I walked in my heels to the bathroom, and I brushed my Taylor-Swift-like blonde curls. My hair just hit my waist. I applied mascara to my blue eyes and touched up on my red lipstick and my pale foundation. The beeping of a car came from outside my garden, next to the beach. I looked out the window and Sara was waiting for me.

Harry's POV
When we arrived, our security cleared the fans. The club was called La Blanc. Inside, there was a bar, a few girls and a stage, and the toilets were in the back. Everything seemed so boring. Me and Liam walked to the bar, while Louis went to the toilets, and Niall was chatting up this auburn chick. Then this hot blonde girl walked in with a red dress on. She had red lipstick, and pale skin. I ordered a drink.
"I saw her first" I said to Liam, sipping my drink.

Chloe's POV
I just couldn't believe One Direction were here. Even Harry. I remember seeing them on the X Factor with my sister, and crying when they lost. I just couldn't believe it. Sara adores Louis. She went to the toilets, while I sqt at the bar, next to Harry. I ordered a tequila. He looked at me. I held his gaze, and sipped my drink.

Harry's POV
She sat next to me.
"Hey there" She said. She was stunning.
"Hey" I said "What's your name?"
"My name is Chloe Adams" She looked down at the floor. "I already know what your name is" She giggled.
"Yeah, it's not often you get to meet celebrities" I put my hand on hers. Her reaction was shocked, but she had the most beautiful smile ever. I think I am falling for her.

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