Adeline Homeshock has faced many heartbreaking experiences. All she wants is answers...she wants to know who destroyed her family. Her mom was murdered, her sister was kidnapped, and her dad was sent to a mental hospital. She has turned away from her hidden talent..music. However, to find answers, she will have to be famous. Where will this fame and quest take her?


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4
I crept to the door, hesitant about opening it. The man that I was about to face held my entire future in his hands. Not that I really wanted to be famous...I just wanted to find answers.
I opened the door and saw a grayish haired man standing before me. His face was serious, with little wrinkles of thought. He gave me a quick smile.
"Hello. Are you Adeline Homeshock?" he asked.
"Yes" I replied. 
"Well, nice to meet you. May I come in?"
"Yeah sure" I said, trying to hide my regret and doubt.
He entered through the door and looked around at the massive structure I lived in. I led him down a long corridor which stretched to the bottom of the spiraling stairs. We went up, and entered the game room. It was an open room, with glass windows that overlooked the backyard behind of the house with a pool, and just beyond the pool was a romantic outdoor area. The light from the sun lit up the room, which had a large tv, pool table, a snack bar, and many other little details that made the room comfortable. We sat down on a black, leather couch as he faced me.
"Now, first of all, tell me about yourself." he said, getting comfortable.
"I have a butler named Harrison. He has been here since I was a little girl. I am 17, and I have no mother, and my father and sister are gone." I said, trying to be as serious as he was.
"Why not? Where are they?" he asked, trying to find out as much about me as he could. I hesitated, but finally forced myself to tell this stranger all about me.
"Well, about 5 years ago, my mum was murdered here at the mansion. My father had taken my sister, Anne, and I out for a concert. I don't even know the name of the band, but I just wanted to go for fun. Anyways, when we got home, my mum was dead. I don't want to go into the details. Then, a few months ago, Anne was kidnapped at the mansion. I was asleep and so was Harrison and my father. Then, my father went crazy. Actually, he wasn't crazy. He was just in love. But no one realized that, so they sent him to the mental hospital, and I rarely visit him. So that's why" I ended plainly.
He pauses, pondering everything I had just said.
"Well, I am very sorry for all of those things. But I don't want this to be a sad experience, so I will change the subject" he said. Thank goodness.
"Anyways, so you want to be a famous singer and musician?" he asked.
"No. But I do want something, and I only have one quest." I said, looking right in to his eyes before I continued. 
"What?" he asked.
"I want to be famous, not for the fame. But to find answers. I need to know who did this to my family. Who took my sister. Who killed my mum. And I feel like I need to make myself a target. I am almost possitive that I will be killed next. However, if I am famous, it will be easier to find the scumbag" I said.
He looked at me with questioning eyes.
"Well, are you sure about this? I don't want you to do something you don't want to. That would just be a waste of your time and mine" he said.
"I am possitive. I enjoy singing, don't get me wrong. It's just...hard. Whenever I sing, it brings back memories and they haunt me all of the time. But don't worry. I want to do this" I said, half lying, half telling the truth.
"Ok" was all he said.
He sat in a small silence, as he looked through his computer that he had brought with him. Suddenly, his phone started singing. He let out a small sigh, then answered it.
"What do you want, boys?" he said into the phone, half agitated, half humored.
"No, I'm busy right now.....I'm at a girl's house...no, she is actually about you guys' age...haha well I don't know...maybe, but only if she doesn't mind." he said, as he pulled away his phone and looked at me.
"I am on the phone with a band that I created. I'm sure that you have heard of them. Anyways, they said that they need me to help them with some stuff. Is there anyway that they could come over? You could get to know them, and they could help you...with your singing, and attitude" he said, with a slight chuckle. I wanted to say no, but eventually, I gave in.
"Fine" I said glumly. He held the phone back up to his ear.
"Okay, she said that's fine...I will explain everything about her when you guys come...I will text you the address...ok bye, see you all in a bit." he said, hanging up.
"Adeline, I know you have been through a lot. I usually don't take chances, but I am going to take a chance with you. But I am only doing this for you. I want to help you, and I'm sure the other boys will help too. Please don't disappoint me." he said, half-heartedley.
"I won't, don't worry. Who are 'the boys'? I have never heard of them. I don't listen to much music anymore because... Well, u know why. I haven't listened to much music for about 2 and a half years." I said.
He looked at me with a little shock on his face.
"Then, you probably haven't heard them. They were formed about 2 years ago by me. They are One Direction."...
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