Adeline Homeshock has faced many heartbreaking experiences. All she wants is answers...she wants to know who destroyed her family. Her mom was murdered, her sister was kidnapped, and her dad was sent to a mental hospital. She has turned away from her hidden talent..music. However, to find answers, she will have to be famous. Where will this fame and quest take her?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
I slept in nightmares again that night. The nightmares haunted me, with visions so vivid, and I felt like I was just living the past all over again.
It seemed that I would wake up at 4:23 every morning, screaming from nightmares. I had no idea why.
A few days after my visit, I got a phone call. I answered to a man with a deep, very proper, British accent.
"Hello, is this Adeline Homeshock?"
"Yes" I replied.
"Well, I am Simon. I'm sure my brother, Nicholas, told you that I would call soon. I have heard your voice and your piano skills. I think that you are fantastic." he said, although there wasn't much enthusiasm in his tone. He was serious.
"Thanks" I mumbled.
"Do you mind if I come over later this evening? I would like to hear you in person" he said, more as a threat. In my mind, he said 'let me come over later so I can hear you'.
"Sure. Maybe around four-thirty?" I suggested.
"Ok. Nice to talk to you. Bye." he said, then there was silence. 
Simon wasn't the nicest of people. However, there was something about him that made his hostile voice soften. 
I went upstairs and put on some decent clothes for the arrival of the man that held my future in his hands. I didn't really care, though. I was in this for one thing, and one thing only. To be able to find the person that has scarred my family forever.
I pulled out my phone, and began playing around with it. It would still be a while until Simon came, so I had time to just relax. I still had 23 percent of battery left. I was fumbling through the apps that were never touched, when all of a sudden, my screen went black.
I assumed that it was dead, but then I realized that I had still had a lot of battery left. 23 percent. I lightly tapped my phone, trying to make the screen turn back on. Nothing.
Then, I looked at my clock to the left of the couch in my room. It was 4:23 in the afternoon. I looked back at my phone, and my background had changed. The screen brimmed with life, but my background was now a picture of little numbers.
I examined them carefully, then realized what they said.
'2323232323232323' the number, 23, was repeating over and over again.
I began to get a little worried, but not too bad. 
"It's probably just a game or prank that someone is pulling on me" I said to myself, recalling the many pranks that had been pulled on my in the past.
Why was 23 such an important number? 
My thoughts were interrupted by a doorbell ringing.
Simon was here...
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