Adeline Homeshock has faced many heartbreaking experiences. All she wants is answers...she wants to know who destroyed her family. Her mom was murdered, her sister was kidnapped, and her dad was sent to a mental hospital. She has turned away from her hidden talent..music. However, to find answers, she will have to be famous. Where will this fame and quest take her?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2
I drove to my high school, dreading it. Every since my mom had dad had been sent to the mental hospital, everyone made fun of me. My dad went because he was so in love..not because he was crazy. And it was a shame that people didn't realize that. I didn't have any friends at high school. The teachers hated me, and the students hated me. I've always thought that when people say that they get 'hate', then they are just exaggerating, and that it isn't that bad. But now, I knew what they meant.
I got to the school and slowly parked my car in the back parking lot. I grabbed my bag and had to nearly force my feet to walk up the stairs and into the building of living heck.
I felt eyes stare at me and stay glued to me. Then, I heard laughs. I put my head down, and continued walking. But then, I heard my sister's name mentioned.
"It's a shame that Anna had to be just as ugly as Adeline" I heard a girl say, obviously meaning for me to hear it. I shot my eyes at her and glared. If you messed with me, that was ok. But she messed with my sister, who was the sweetest person ever, and that is not ok.
I stormed over to her and got in her face.
"Never ever talk about my sister. Got it?" I said, my eyes glaring into her eyes. My words were barely audible, but it managed to hush the whole hallway. Everyone looked at me in shock. I had never done that before. My words were quiet, but they were spoken in the most scornful tone I had ever heard, let alone, spoke.
She tried to stay on top.
"Well, it's not my fault it's true. You can blame your ugly, mental daddy, and ugly mama that you both were too hideous to look at" she scowled, giggling with her friends behind over her.
I felt anger boil inside of me. She had gone way too far. I chuckled to myself, knowing what I was about to do.
I grabbed her hair and began pulling it as hard as I could. She screamed and tried to punch me, but I quickly dodged her punch, and kicked her, sending her flailing backwards. I heard the gasps of the stunned people in the hallways. She lay there, on the ground, looking at me in shock and anger.
"Adeline Homeshock." a stern voice called behind of me. Crap.
I slowly turned around to find the school principal, Nicholas Cowell, standing there, glaring at me.
"Hello Mr. Cowell" I said slowly.
"What do you think you're doing?" he said, still angry. I let my head bend down.
"She made fun of my family." I said, looking back up into his eyes. They lightened a little, but we're still stern.
"I would like to see you in my office. Everyone else, get to class" he said. Everyone purposely bumped into me on their way. When the hall was finally clear, I went to Mr. Cowell's office. I sat on the couch as he looked at me.
"Adeline, I understand that you are going through a lot. But that gives you no right to hurt that girl" he said, his voice almost kind. I looked up at him in surprise. Everyone hated me here, but I had never really talked to him. He was nice, but rude at the same time.
"I'm sorry. And you don't understand" I hissed at him. He just looked at me.
"Young lady, do you act like this all of the time?" he asked.
"No. I only act like this towards people that act like this towards me." I said flatly. 
"Well, I guess that I am rude. Anyways, just tell me, what do you plan to do with your future?" he asked. Why did he care?
"Find the scumbag that messed up my family forever." I said with anger.
He looked at me with curiosity in his eyes.
"Is that so?" 
"Yes" I spat at him.
"Well, is there anything else?" he asked.
"Why? Is there something else I need to do?" I asked, annoyed.
"Well, I know that you love music."he said.
"How? Are you a stalker?" I asked.
"No. Because when Anna was in high school, she used to tell me that you played the piano and sang. She even showed me a video of you, and you are great." he said with a smile. However, I didn't smile.
"I'm not going to sing anymore. Not until I finish my quest."I scowled.
"Well, I have a little idea. I have a brother that doesn't live too far from here. His name is Simon Cowell. He has seen your singing and music abilities. He is very smart, so he might be able to help you find this 'scumbag'. If you are ever famous, don't you think that would make it easier to find this person? And plus, Simon could help you with your manners, too. That wouldn't hurt" he said, mumbling the last few words. I thought about it.
Maybe it would be a lot easier if I was famous. That would make it easier for me to find the man that damaged my family. I didn't want to, but I reluctantly forced the words out of my mouth.
"Fine" I blurted out. A look of satisfaction went over Mr. Cowell's face. 
"Great. Well, I'm afraid I will have to suspend you from school since you hit someone. However, you can go home and get some good rest. I will send Simon over, and I will also give him your home phone number since that's all that's in the files." he said, standing up. I nodded.
"Ok." I said walking out the door.
"Bye Adeline Homeshock. I'm sure that you will be hearing your name quite often from now on" he said.
"Great" I muttered sarcastically. I didn't want to be famous. I just wanted one thing...to find the man who destroyed my family. But I guess that being famous was the only way I could do that.
I drove home, pondering everything that would happen next in my life.
Oh boy....
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