Adeline Homeshock has faced many heartbreaking experiences. All she wants is answers...she wants to know who destroyed her family. Her mom was murdered, her sister was kidnapped, and her dad was sent to a mental hospital. She has turned away from her hidden talent..music. However, to find answers, she will have to be famous. Where will this fame and quest take her?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1
*I sprinted towards my sister.The wind blew against my face, and I could no longer feel my feet moving beneath me. But I didn't stop. I continued to run towards her, with open arms. The closer I got, I noticed that she looked sad. Then, she disappeared. Before I could stop running, I fell right over the cliff towards the dark water beneath the cliff. The waves took me under,their arms of water holding me in the darkness. I gasped for air, but I couldn't breathe. I looked up, and saw my sister, Anna, looking at me with sorrow and anguish. I tried to tell her I loved her, but i couldn't. Then, I saw the man that had taken her come towards me in the water. I tried to swim away, but it was no use. He reached for me..*
I jerked awake, panting and gasping for breath. I wiped my hand across my sweaty forehead, and brushed away the clinging brown hair which was damp. I looked at my clock, glowing in the darkness. It was 6:00, and I would have to wake up soon for school anyways. I reluctantly climbed out of bed, and stumbled to the bathroom in my room. I turned the light on, and got in the huge shower doors and let the warm water pour over my body, giving me relief from my nightmare. I stood there,still a little frightened.
It had been about 5 months since Anna had been kidnapped by a heartless soul. Anger boiled inside of me at the thought of the man who took her away from me.My only sister.And it had been about 2 years since my Mom was killed. No, she didn't just die. She was murdered. And what's funny is, her and Anna share the same disaster date...or at least, that's what I called it. My mom was killed on April 23, and then a few years later,Anna was kidnapped on April 23.  I have still not given up on finding her. She was my best friend. Even though she is 2 years older than me,I didn't really have other friends to go to in a crisis. Anna was all I had, and I was still determined to find her.
I got out of the shower, feeling the burst of cold air as I exited the warmth of the enclosed area.I put on my silk, blue robe which matched my bright blue eyes.I went over to the door and held down the intercom button.
"Harrison? Are you there?" I spoke into the little metal machine upon my light purple walls of my room. I waited for a response.
"Yes, Adeline. Would you like for me to make you breakfast?" I heard his gentle voice come through the speaker.
"If it's not too much trouble. Thanks" I said. I always felt bad about making him do things for me, but he seemed to enjoy it. Harrison was a short, kind of stout man, with hardly any hair except for little white areas on his head. He was like the grandpa I had never had. He took care of me and he had been through so much with me and the rest of my family.
I want to the massive closet on the other side of my room. I picked out an outfit that my sister used to love on me.It was a jean skirt with white leggings, a white long sleeved ruffle top, and boots.I went back to the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth. It was the end of October, so it was quite chilly outside.I raced down the winding stairs and went into the kitchen, as the smell of bacon and eggs filled my nose.
My mouth watered as I sat in front of my plate on the granite counter.
"Are you ready for school?" Harrison asked.
"Harrison, I'm 17. Not 5. And no, not really" I said scornfully.Harrison knew I hated school.Because everyone there hated me. And it was obvious.
"Well, I'm sorry. Anyways today, I will be visiting your father.I will tell him you said hello, and maybe you can see him soon." he said, as he began cleaning up the kitchen.
"Ok." I mumbled.
I quickly finished, and then hurried out the door and saw my car parked in front of the fountain in front of my house. I climbed in the driver's seat, closing the blue door.I glanced back at the mansion that I lived in.
Who would've ever known a mansion could hold so many secrets and tradgedies...
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