Beautiful Summer in Glenior

The Perfect Summer

This is a poetry that has botany bay- where bots are sent in runescape
Saradomins-pet unicorn
It was amazing when I started runescape and when I would travel the lands to explore and I would find a dense jungle in karajama.
It was always amazing to think back to times such as tutorial island which I miss much.
It was such an adventure to think back to, so many areas to explore in the rich land of Glenior. Runescape will always have a place in my heart.


2. Exploration 2: The Stronghold of Security and the Wilderness

Levels of Horror

During an autumn day
I accidently fall asleep
And without haste I feel revived.
I dream a dream composed in a lovely tale.
With roses as and sickle thorns as its delight.
As time clocks by I’m in a dream of horror.
Living in a day of hell, trapped on an icy island.
With the grim reaper as my insane demented state.
I feel the glory of being burned in a fiery lava lake
I feel as though life energy is leaving my fiery aura
As though blood is driven from a heart, through a stake.
Watching my body fade a distance from dillusion
And my soul is sucked into a soul keeper obelisk.
I awake with a sudden pain
Lovely as this tale may seem
And enduring as I might be
I’m still trapped in a lovely hellish state.
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