Beautiful Summer in Glenior

The Perfect Summer

This is a poetry that has botany bay- where bots are sent in runescape
Saradomins-pet unicorn
It was amazing when I started runescape and when I would travel the lands to explore and I would find a dense jungle in karajama.
It was always amazing to think back to times such as tutorial island which I miss much.
It was such an adventure to think back to, so many areas to explore in the rich land of Glenior. Runescape will always have a place in my heart.


1. 2007- exploration in the Fairy Tale Land of Runescape

Shall I tell the perfect tale of thy summer?
Thy singing of birds and fresh green leaves stuck on canopy trees.
Just a dew drop can melt these.
Thy lovely flowers hidden in vast meadows
That not even rough winds and rain can sullen these.
Thy large clouds well misted by drowsiness
That even a mellow blow can settle thee.
Sometimes heavens rays probe thy field
Can bring too hot thy day so thy day not to be forgot
By chance or some hidden luck thy perfect day remained uncased
Neither by nature’s course or thy love of thy creator
May Saradomin's Unicorn want to graze.
Even death wand’rest trapped in thy cozy cave
May be jealous for thy never had thy lovely day.
Souls dammed in botany bay moan,
in search for a chance to live this summer;
All looking for a chance to escape.
To this day I dream of weather alike today
However there might never be another day
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