Just Dance

Jayn is a dancer. Dance is her life. She does almost any kind of dance. Ballet, hip hop, jazz, freestyle, anything basically. You name it. Jayn has been dancing since she was 3. Now she's 19. Jayn is trying out for a major dance competition and the prize is a contract for being a background dancer for Selena Gomez. Jayn wants to win it really badly to finally get noticed and to get her chance to become a star. She practices and practices basically all day everyday except weekends. What happens when two creeps attack Jayn the day before her final contest performance? Well five lads come to her rescue...


3. They're Here

Jayn's POV

I woke up and quickly opened my eyes. Today was my final dance contest performance. I jumped out of bed. I put on my performance outfit. It was a black and white striped shirt. It had sleeves except the part at the shoulders was cut out in a circle on each shoulder if that makes any sense. I also put on my red shorts for the performance. I wore my black Converse high tips again with the outfit, and of course, I wore my Dance necklace. I also put in my earrings. I pulled my hair up into an upside down French braid bun. I ran downstairs.
"Morning Sweetie" My dad told me. He was in the kitchen making scrambled eggs and toast.
"Good morning Daddy" I replied happily and grabbed a piece of toast and put some eggs on a plate. Then I went to the fridge and took out orange juice and poured it in a glass.i sat down at our kitchen table and quickly ate my breakfast. I finished and got up. I put my dishes in the sink.
"Daddy I'm going to practice once then I'm going to go for the competition.
"Okay JJ Good luck" He told me and smiled.
"Thanks" I walked to my dance room. I practiced my routine twice then grabbed my purple dance bag, my phone, and a water bottle. I went outside to my white Jetta car parked in front of the house. I opened the passenger side door and threw my things into the passenger seat. Then I closed the door and walked over to the drivers side and got in. I drove to the place where the contest was being held. I parked, got out, and grabbed my dance bag, phone, and water then walked up to the front doors. I took a deep breath then walked in. I came in and gasped. There was Selena Gomez herself, standing right in front of me. Oh my gosh.
"Hello I'm Selena." She told me.
"Hi I'm Jayn" I told her. Inside I was totally freaking out. She was one of my very favorite singers.
"So I hear you're performing today?" Selena said.
I just nodded open mouthed.
"Well good luck. You're a great dancer by the way. Oh and I'll be picking my two dancers today. I'll be the judge. Well Nice to meet you Jayn." She told me.
"Thanks and it was nice to meet you too Selena." I replied. Selena smiled then walked away. Then I walked over to practice. I practiced for two hours straight then Sadie, Sophina, and I were called to get ready to perform. We all went backstage and I talked with Sophina a bit. Sophina was first to perform though. She danced to the song 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction. Sophina was a major fan of that band. I don't know much about them and I don't really care. Maybe I'll listen to some more of their songs another time to see if I like them. Then Sophina came backstage and it was Sadie's turn. She did a dance to 'Want U Back' by Cher Lloyd. Lastly I was called up to do my routine to 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift. I was nervous put on a smile and walked up to the stage. I looked out at the crowd and Selena sitting it the Judge's spot. I started the dance and soon I was spinning and dancing my heart out. I could feel myself smiling. It's just that dance takes me to another world. I just love it. Well the end of the song came and I sadly had to finish the dance. I finished with a smile and looked out at the crowd. Wait, there in the front row. Was that them? Niall and the other boys from yesterday were here. What? I don't know. Well Selena called us all up to the stage to announce the winners.
"Okay ladies. You all did a wonderful job. But only two of you three get to be my dancers, so I'm very sorry if you didn't make it. I judged you in your dance skills AND your personalities. I greeted you three this morning and I chose the best two out of you three. I'm so sorry if you didn't make it but it was for a reason. Sophina, step forward." Selena said. Sophina stepped forward.
"Sophina, you... Have made it! Congrats!" She told Sophina.
Sophina silently screamed and jumped around place then mad her way over to the side of the stage.
Now it was just me and... Sadie left. One of us will make it. One of us won't. Sadie looked over at me and gave me a look like, 'You're going down."
"Now Sadie, ..... You have .... Not made it. I'm so sorry." Selena told her.
"What?!? I should have made it! You made a mistake!!" Sadie shouted at Selena. She kept yelling things like that and security had to drag her off stage. Right before she was forced away, Sadie told me,
"I'll be back." And gave me another nasty look.
"She took that well..." I said.
"So you made it Jayn!" Selena congratulated Sophina and me. The audience clapped and cheered.
"Congrats Soph!" I went over and hugged Sophina.
"Right back at ya" She replied.
I walked off the stage and the five boys came over to me.
"Hey! Thanks for coming!" I said to them.
"You're welcome and you're a wonderful dancer" Niall replied.
"So why did you come?" I asked them.
"Well, Niall-" Harry started to answer but then was interrupted by a squeal. Immediately Sophina ran to my side.
"You're One Direction!?! I can't believe you're here! Wow! Why didn't you tell me JJ?" She fangirled a lot then asked me the question.
"Well, I didn't exactly know..." I replied.
"Yeah we're One Direction, and may I ask what your name is love?" Harry asked Soph.
"Oh I'm Sophina" She answered.

Harry's POV

As soon as I heard a squeal the someone running over to us I thought, 'Oh no not agaaaain' but then I saw the most beautiful girl ever. She had big deep green eyes, freckles, and auburn colored hair. I found out her name was Sophina. She fangirled a bunch but it was actually really cute. Then I tried to flirt with her but I froze up. She giggled at that and it was really cute too. I really wanted to be with her. Her personality was totally kind, caring, sweet, and very bubbly. I think Sophina is perfect for me.

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