Just Dance

Jayn is a dancer. Dance is her life. She does almost any kind of dance. Ballet, hip hop, jazz, freestyle, anything basically. You name it. Jayn has been dancing since she was 3. Now she's 19. Jayn is trying out for a major dance competition and the prize is a contract for being a background dancer for Selena Gomez. Jayn wants to win it really badly to finally get noticed and to get her chance to become a star. She practices and practices basically all day everyday except weekends. What happens when two creeps attack Jayn the day before her final contest performance? Well five lads come to her rescue...


2. Thanks For Saving Me

Jayn's POV

I'm a dancer. I've been dancing since I was three. I'm trying out for a change to be a dancer for Selena Gomez. Here I'll tell you more about me.

Full name: Jayn Alexa Sorenson
Age: 19
Occupation: Dancer
Salary: I get paid $20 for each hour I practice each week. It actually adds up to being a lot of money.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite singers/bands: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber.
Instruments: I play flute a bit.
Where I live: Los Angeles, California in the US
Family: My mother, Daddy, and currently no siblings.
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Crystal blue
Height: 5'9"
I'm not currently dating anyone.
I'm skinny because dance is like exercise.
I really don't exactly care what I look like but I like to look nice.

Well as you see my life is a bit boring. I don't exactly have a social life because I dance all day all week except weekends. I really want to win the competition so I'm pushing myself to win the contest. I also have nothing else to do.
So right now it's Thursday and I'm practicing hard for the competition tomorrow. An audience is going to come tomorrow so I want to have my routine perfect because I don't want to embarrass myself or forget the moves.
"Jayn honey, Dinner is ready!" Mom called to me from the kitchen.
"Okay I'll be there in a sec" I replied from our dance room. It was actually a really large room. There were mirrors lining the walls, a wonderful dance floor, and purple lacy decorations that suited my taste. I had paid for this all from my own money. I saved up a lot from dancing for 16 years. I slowly walked out of the dance studio and into the dining room. I sat down in my place at the table. No one else was eating right now. My family all eats later. I have a different schedule from them all because of dance. It was 4:00pm right now. My mom walked in with my food.
"Thanks" I told her gratefully and took the plate from her. I ate then got up and put my dishes in the sink.
"Mom, I'm going to shower quickly and change then go for a walk if that's okay." I said to my mother.
"Okay sweetie just make sure to be back by 8." She replied. I usually don't go out much so she was a bit surprised.
I ran upstairs and took a short shower. Then I jumped out and dried off. I put on my shirt with a tiger and tiger print on it. I also wore short jean shorts and I put on black Converse high tops. I wore my silver necklace that said Dance in cursive and I grabbed my phone with a Juicy Couture case on it am I put it in my back pocket. Then I put my hair in a fishtail braid. I put mascara on and bright red lipstick on. I like being bold. But that still didn't seem like too much makeup so that was good.
I walked out of the door and stepped into the refreshing cool end-of-summer breeze. It was July. I strolled down the sidewalk in front of my house. I walked for a block or two then I go a text from my cousin Rylee. I looked at it and answered it, then I looked up and I was immediately scared. Right there were two guys wearing ripped jeans and torn t-shirts. There hair was all scraggly and untamed. It freaked me out. They had me cornered so I tried to move away but the more muscular of the two pulled me back.
"Aaaaah!!!!" I screamed. "Help me!!! Someone!"
Then the first guy pulled out a knife and held it up to my throat.
"Do what I say otherwise you'll get a little gift from my knife here. A deep ugly scar on your neck and a lot of blood. So listen." He commanded me and threatened.
I just stood there not daring to say anything to make him cut me.
"Put that knife down!" I heard a British accent say.
"And let her go!!" An Irish accent yelled.
"Never!" The creepy guy replied.
"Too late we already called the cops." A second Brit said. There were five guys in total. They had brown hair or dark hair except for the Irish boy. He had blonde hair but it looked dyed or bleached. He actually was kind of cute but I'll think about that later. Right now I'm in a very bad situation.
Well right on cue, a police siren sounded and the cars pulled up on the curb. The police officers jumped out of the cars at a fast speed and grabbed the one guy with a knife. Then the other started to run away.
"Get him! He was part of it too!" I yelled and pointed at the creep running away. Two of the five foreign boys quickly ran after him and grabbed him. Then they roughly brought him to the police. The police handcuffed them and shoved them into the car. The sped off to the police station. Then the boys walked over to me.
"Are you hurt? Are you okay?" The blonde one asked me. The boys seem a little familiar but in sure I haven't met them before.
"I'm not hurt thanks to you guys. Thank you." I struggled to get out. I was really shaken up and I'm very sensitive. I feel like I'm going to cry. Oh no.
"Are you okay?" The blonde boy asked again.
"Uhhh..." I started the break down. "N-n-no" I started crying. The blonde boy gave me a hug. "It's okay." He comforted me. I sobbed into his shoulder.
"Maybe we should get you home. Where do you live?" A brown haired boy politely questioned me.
I looked up to see where we were.
"A-a-a block away." I answered. Then I slowly stopped crying and hiccuped.
We started walking to my house.
"So what's your name?" The blonde boy asked me.
"Jayn" I answered him.
"A beautiful name to match a beautiful girl." He told me. I blushed. "Well Jayn I'm Niall and this is Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn." He told me.
"Nice to meet you." I said to them all. I hiccuped again.
"This is my house." I told them while stopping at our house. They kind of stated at me funny. Maybe they didn't think I would live in this kind of a house. It has three floors, a pool, a jacuzzi, a water slide, the dance studio and nine bedrooms.
"Yeah you could say my family is rich. It's mainly because I dance and I get a lot of money from it." I said to them but not in a bratty bragging way.
"You dance? Thats cool." Niall replied to me in his sweet accent.
"Yeah. So would you like to come inside?" I asked them as we walked up to my front door.
"Sure." They replied and we went in.
"Mom? Dad?" I yelled to see if they were here. Then I noticed a note on the table. It said:
Your father is still at work and I'm going grocery shopping. I probably won't be back until 9:00pm because I'm visiting a friend after I finish shopping.
Love you,
"Thank goodness my parents aren't here. They would kill me if they found out that happened. And I'd never be able to go anywhere alone ever again." I said sort of to myself.
"So you're parents are a bit overprotective?" Liam asked.
"Very overprotective." I answered.
"So I have to practice dance now because I'm in a competition tomorrow so you can stay if you want but you probably will want to go." I told them.
"We don't have anything else to do for a while so we'd love to watch you dance. Oh and what competition?" Harry questioned me.
"It's a contest and the top two winners get to be dancers for Selena Gomez's upcoming tours." I answered.
"Well we hope you win." Louis said happily.
"Tomorrow's the final performance. I'm in the top 3 right now." 
"Cool. Did you know we got third place on the British X-Factor?" Zayn asked.
"No I didn't. I'm guessing you're in a band. What's the name of it?" I replied.
"Yeah and One Direction" Niall answered and smiled.
"Wait...you're One Direction?" On Twitter and Instagram there's been a lot of talk about a band called One Direction. They were supposedly very hot and great singers. I guess that was true.
"Yes. We're One Direction!" The boys all answered in unison.
"Are you a fan?" Zayn questioned me.
"Well I like your songs." I answered them.
"Thanks." Liam politely replied.
"So I have to practice now. I'll be in the Dance Studio. It's the door straight down the hall." I told them. Then I grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and ran to the room. I went into the Dance Studio and grabbed my sweats from my dance bag and ran to the bathroom. I quickly changed and went back to the dance room. I went over and plugged my iPod into the iHome. I turned on the song 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift and started my routine. While I was dancing I just went off into my own other world. I loved the sensation I got when I danced and spun through the air. I finished the routine and the song ended. I did my ending pose and I heard Niall say,
"You're a lovely dancer Jayn."
"Thanks" I replied and blushed.
"Well I think I'm done practicing now." I told Niall. The other boys were in some other room, probably the game room or something.
"Can I have your number?" Niall quickly asked me.
"Sure" I answered and smiled. We traded phones and put in our numbers. I put my name in contacts as 'Jayn Alexa Sorenson <3'. We handed the phones back and Niall out his name in as '<3 Niall James Horan' Haha. Coincidence or what?
"Thanks and I'll get the boys then go. Bye Jayn. Thanks for letting us stay a bit." Niall told me.
"Bye Niall! And thanks for saving me." I said to him and smiled. I have a new crush.
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