Lucky Candles

When Emma made a wish for her 13th birthday to be 18. After that wish her life changed forever. (And she also wished that she was dating Harry styles from one direction.)
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16. The Adoption Center

Emma's P.O.V.
We headed out to the adoption place after a breakfast of French Toast and bacon I made. I sat patiently in the back with Harry and Jade. The car ride was about 20 minuets to the adoption place, when we got there we walked in and went to the lady in the main office.
"Hello, are you here to make an appointment, drop off a child or just look?" The lady asked.
"Ohh did I have to make an appointment?" Lisa answered/asked.
"Yes mam."
"Really?! Well theres nobody here so can I jus make an appointment for now?" My sister is not going to be happy if she just drove 20 minuets for nothing.
"Sorry mam, but we are booked today but you can make an appointment for tomorrow."
"Um there is nobody here, so do you possibly think we can maybe, talk to the person who can help us?" I butted in.
"I'll look at our schedule, you guys can wait in our waiting room over there." She pointed to a door that looked like it was anything but a waiting room. We walked into the small, blue colored room that could really use more lighting. And chairs. After about a half an hour Lisa went to the woman what was going on. She came right back and they took us to the back where I'm guessing they are going to help us. A lady walked in and sat in a chair across from the desk we were all sitting at.
"Hello, I'm Dr. Shlineberg (sh-l-i-n berg) what are you guys looking to do today?"
"Hi, doctor. I'm Lisa, this is my sister, Emma, her boyfriend, Harry and my daughter, Jade. I don't think I can be able to handle Jade, so I'm thinking of having my sister 'be' her mother."
"Ok, nice to meet you all. You do know that I have to ask any person at the appointment over the age of 16 a list of questions, privately?"
"Yes, we all know that." I looked at Harry giving him the look of 'you better say I am a fucken responsible bitch'. He kinda looked scared but I could tell he understood.
"Do you think you can give me some background info on Jade?" Jessica asked.
"Jade is 3 months old-" Lisa started to explain.
Dr. Shlineberg interrupted, "Stop right there, who's the dad?"
"My ex boyfriend."
"Does he know you are doing this?" Dr. asked.
"No, he doesn't even know I was pregnant. After the day we erm 'made her' he left and I never saw him again, I called him a billion times to let him know that he was going to be a dad but he changed numbers and moved." Wow I didn't even know this all. This is the only time I ever heard her explain about the whole thing. Wow. I feel really bad now, knowing all the grief I've given her about Jade and about how she won't have a dad but I guess that's just what happens in life. Dr. Shlineberg took a couple minuets to write on her clipboard then told Harry and I to go out do she could talk to Lisa.
"Haz?" I asked a little worried.
"Ya love?"
"When you talk to Dr. Shlineberg, you need to tell her only positive things about me so I can have permission to keep Jade. Ok?" I told him.
"Ok." Harry answered. We waited about 15 minuets for Lisa to come out, then it was my turn.
I took a seat in the chair across from Dr. Shlineberg's desk. She had her clipboard in her arms and was ready to write.
"Emma, why do you think Lisa is having you take Jade?" She asked me.
"Erm well she told me that my mom was going to kick her out of the house and that she had to find an apartment and she said she can't take care of a baby and have an apartment because it would be too much money." I explained.
"Is that it?" She asked.
"Erm ya why."
"She told me all of that but she told me something really upsetting and I didn't think that she told you so I told her that I'm telling you. She didn't really want anyone to know. Lisa said another reason that she is giving you Jade because Jade has cancer and she will most likely die in about 12 months." Oh my god! Why didn't she tell anyone? Maybe everybody knows but me. Why does she want me to have Jade? Wouldn't you want to be with your loved ones when their dying? I stared crying. I was like crying rivers. Why? Just why? Why Lisa why? Dr. Shlineberg told me that that's all she wanted to talk to me about. I picked myself up and left. I sat in the seat furthest away from Lisa. Harry could tell I was upset and it was his turn to talk to the woman. Dr. called him in and he was giving the look of 'should I stay here and comfort you'.
I whispered, "No, go" loud enough for him to hear and be walked into the room.
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