Lucky Candles

When Emma made a wish for her 13th birthday to be 18. After that wish her life changed forever. (And she also wished that she was dating Harry styles from one direction.)
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7. Leaving

So this morning I woke up and went downstairs to make some pancakes. As I was putting them on the pan Harry came downstairs and sat on a stool at the island. After breakfast we got dressed and went into town hoping we would be able to avoid my mom. We went to a museum then to go see Big Ben when we bumped into my mom.
"Got your stuff together, we're leaving later." I turned around and just walked away I was walking fast, much faster than I normally do. I started to go back to our house with Harry on my tail we walked inside to the living room I sat on the couch and just started to cry hysterically into Harry's shoulder. After I was done crying I looked into Harry's eyes, I could tell he was also crying.
"Listen babe, I'll go home for a couple months and try to convince her to let me move back here, if I beg every single day she will finally give in." it's so hard for me to say that without crying, I don't want to leave and I really don't want to be apart from Harry.
"Em, I can't go one day without seeing you never mind a couple months."
"I promise I will call you every day and we can Skype too."
"Um...ok, but why exactly does your mom want you back home? I mean you dad is still alive, you have an older sister and younger sister who both live with your mom, why does she want you too?"
"Ya that's a really good question. I think I going to go call my mom and see what she has to say about that." I walked upstairs into our room and dialed her number on the way. I sat on our bed as it rang.
"Hi mom, it's Emma."
"Hi Emma, how are you doing?"
"Um, ok, I just had a question."
"Ok and that is."
"Why do you want me to come back home, you have dad, Lisa (my older sister) and Katie (my younger sister) why do you want me too?"
"Emma dear, I just miss you, I don't want you to grow up so fast, you're only 18, you shouldn't be living with your boyfriend."
"I understand but I love him, I've never felt this way about a guy before. My heart will be broken if you take me away from Harry."
"Emma I don't really give a shit. I'm picking you up at 5:00 sharp, so be ready." after those last awful words she hung up. Typical.
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