Lucky Candles

When Emma made a wish for her 13th birthday to be 18. After that wish her life changed forever. (And she also wished that she was dating Harry styles from one direction.)
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12. Leaving London

Emma's P.O.V.
When we got to Lou and El's house we went to the guest room and watched a movie. We watched the Hunger Games, I've never seen it so I was a little frightened with all the killing and stuff. After the movie was over we both fell asleep. In the morning we went to say good bye and to have fun. After they left Harry and I decided to go to our house which I haven't been in since I came back a couple days ago. We walked in and sat on the couch for a couple minuets when I noticed the time which was 3:30.
"Shit, it's already 3:30."
"What time do you have to leave?"
"Like around 5:00."
"Aww. Lets go upstairs for a minute." Har said as he dragged me up the stairs. He brought me to our room.
"Sit on the bed Em." I sat on the bed and he went into the closet and came back to the room with a small box which he handed to me. "Happy late 6 month anniversary babe." I opened the box to a beautiful heart shaped necklace.
"Thank you so much Haz."
"Open it, it's a locket." I opened the locket to see a picture of us on our first date on the left and a picture of us kissing on the right. I giggled at the picture of us kissing and Haz put the locket on me. We went downstairs and I went to my car to go get the present I had for Har. I walked back into the kitchen where Har was.
"Happy late 6 month anniversary Har," I said as I handed him the small wrapped box.
"You really didnt have to get me anything."
"Just open the gift." He opened the box to see a customized iPhone case with a picture of us kissing that happened to be the same picture as the one as the picture as the one on my locket Har have to me earlier today.
"Great minds think alike." He said before planting a kiss on my lips.
"I should really be getting my stuff together, I need to leave in like 15 minuets." I said with a frown.
"No, please don't leave me alone AGAIN!!" He cried like a little kid.
"I have to."
"Take me with you!"
"Um, I guess, I can, maybe, ok."
"Yaaay I love you Emmy."
"Go pack, now." I yelled at him. He ran up the stairs and I grabbed a couple things from downstairs he might need or stuff that I just wanted. I went to the car and waited for him. He came a minute later with a couple bags and we were off. We drove a couple hours just talking when my mum called. Harry answered it since I was driving and there are always cops around so I wouldn't get a ticket.
"Emma, are you on your way home yet?"
"Hi Mrs. Scott, it's Harry, Emma's boyfriend," I love when he calls himself my boyfriend.
"Emma is driving and I didn't want her to get a ticket for-"
"But why are you with her?"
"Well I didn't want Emma to leave me, so I asked if I could come with her home and now I will be able to meet the rest of your family."
"Oh so you invited your self over our house?"
"Um yea I guess." After that she hung up on Harry.
"Um I don't think she likes me," Harry said.
"She'll grow on ya," I told him
"Is your dad like this also."
"Not really he doesn't talk too much to my boyfriends but if he likes you he will probably take you golfing to talk and stuff, but if he doesn't he'll kick you out of the house in a matter of like five minuets."
"Ohh, how many of your boyfriends have golfing with him?"
"One, I think."
"Great." Haz said with sarcasm
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