Lucky Candles

When Emma made a wish for her 13th birthday to be 18. After that wish her life changed forever. (And she also wished that she was dating Harry styles from one direction.)
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11. January 6th-Wedding Day

Emma's P.O.V.
This morning we woke up at 8, we ate breakfast then everybody took a shower and got ready and into 'before' clothes. The boys took one car to the church and we took another. When we got to the church we went into the 'prep' room they gave us. We all put on our dresses along with Louis's sisters and the hair and makeup lady made us all pretty in about a half an hour. We all had the same hair and make-up, well except Eleanor. We took so many pictures in the 'prep' room, when the lady who worked at the church gave us a ten minuet heads up.
"You ready?" I asked El.
"Um, ya"
The lady walked back in a couple minuets after, "Louis is at the end of the isle, it's time to line up." We lined up like we were told to from yesterday. Harry and I walked first, when we got to the end we waited for El. When she finally came I saw Louis splitting a couple tears.
After a while we heard the priest say, "Louis William Tomlinson, do you take Eleanor Jane Cadler to be your wife?"
"I do"
"Eleanor Jane Cadler, do you take Louis William Tomlinson to be your husband?"
"I do."
"I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson. You may kiss the bride." They kissed for a couple seconds then released. When they left the church everybody threw rose pedals at them as they walked into the limo we were in. We arrived to a beautiful scenery place where a photographer took about a billion pictures. Then we went back into the limo to go to the 'party place' as I call it. When we got to the party place they had already started cocktail hour. We joined in and about 45 minuets later we moved into the ball room.
"We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson." The DJ said, kind of odd they normally don't say it like that. Whatever. They came into the room and went to the dance floor and did their first dance to 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney Houston. After about an hour I went to El to ask her a question.
"Hey beautiful,"
"Hey Emma are you having a good time?"
"Duh, anyway I wanted to know if you or Lou picked the music because I wouldn't expect either of you to pick most of these songs."
"Lou told him to just pick out songs as the night goes along." El explained.
"Oh, well do you like the music, we can ask him to change it."
"Um, ya I guess we can ask him to play more 'today' music." We walked up to the DJ and we asked him to play more of 'today's' music. He responded by just saying "Ok." He started playing some good music. He asked everybody to come on the dance floor and do a 'special dance', which was Gangnam Style. We all did the danced. After a couple songs, he played Live While We're Young, there was a huge "Ooo" in the party place then somebody started cheering "sing, sing, sing...." that spread in a matter of a couple seconds. The boys got up and the DJ handed them all microphones they sang as many others sang along. We danced to a bunch of other songs when we were told to sit for dinner. I got the stake which was really good. After we all got back on the dance floor, ate dessert, danced then we went home. What an awesome wedding, El should be proud. Me and Harry decided to stay at Lou and El's house so we could say good-bye because they are leaving for their honeymoon in the morning.
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