Lucky Candles

When Emma made a wish for her 13th birthday to be 18. After that wish her life changed forever. (And she also wished that she was dating Harry styles from one direction.)
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14. Golfing

Emma's P.O.V.
When we woke up we went downstairs for breakfast.
"Emma! What took you so long to get down here?" Mum yelled.
"Mum it's 10 in the morning, we just woke up."
"Whatever!" She left the room like she always does when she's not 100% happy. Harry and I were the left in the kitchen so I made pancakes. God forbid anyone leave any food out. While we were eating my dad walked in.
"Harry, you want to go golfing later?" Harry looked at me, I smiled back and he responded with "yes."
"Ok, I'm planning on leaving around 12, is that alright with you?"
"What ever works for you Mr. Scott."
"No, please, call me Phil."
"Ok." My dad walked out and Harry gave me a little peck on the cheek. After we ate Harry got properly dressed and left with my father.

Harry's P.O.V.
After we ate I went upstairs to get dressed so I could go golfing with Phil. When we got in the car it was quite and awkward, neither of us said a word, no music, nothing. We got a golf cart and went to the first hole.
"So, where did you and my daughter meet?" Phil asked.
"Um, you know Perrie Edwards? Emma's friend?"
"Ya I think that sounds familiar."
"She is dating my friend Zayn, and they set us up." I explained.
"Interesting, where was your first date ?"
"We saw a movie, then we went to my apartment for dinner."
"What movie did you see?" What the hell is this like 20 questions or something!
"We saw Gone."
"Gone? That's a name of a movie?"
"Ya, it was a really good movie." After we were done playing, it was around 4:30 and he had asked almost any question you could possibly think of asking. Phil didn't really show any emotion but when we got to the car he put on some old radio station that was playing Elvis Presley.
"I love Elvis." He told me as he made the music louder.
"I do too, he was my favorite as a kid, I knew all his songs."
"Really?" He asked.
"Ya I loved him."
"Do you know this song?"
"Ya, this is a classic Elvis song."
"Na, I'd rather listen."
"Boy! Sing the dang song!"
"Ok!" I started to sing along with the words and Phil joined in.
When the song was over he looked at me, "Boy, your a good singer."
"Thanks Phil, you are too."
"You're a good boy Harry, don't break my daughters heart. Do you hear me loud and clear?"
"I promise I won't Phil."
"Because if you do your going to have to get through me. Ok, we're all good?"
"Don't worry, that shouldn't be a problem."
Man Emma's mum and her dad are so different, both strange but still so different.

~~~Sorry for the short chapter :( also check out my movella 'Is This Really Happening' its just as good, probably better x Angela~~~
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