Lucky Candles

When Emma made a wish for her 13th birthday to be 18. After that wish her life changed forever. (And she also wished that she was dating Harry styles from one direction.)
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8. 5:00

*A/N just wanted to say that since I started the Movella before Liam and Danielle broke up I'm going to act like they are still together. Thank you all for reading :)*

Emma's P.O.V.
At around 3ish I started to pack Harry invited the gang over to say my "good byes". They came over a half an hour later they all showed up. We said our good byes and they left in a mater of 15 minuets. I think every body cried. I was really going to miss all of them. I had about an hour left and me and Harry just talked about how much we were going to miss each other.
5:00. Exact, the door bell rang. I walked up to the door. My mom walked straight in grabbed my bags and walked out grabbing my wrist pulling me out the door. She let go and my stuff in the trunk. I kissed Harry and hopped into the car tears going down both mine and Harry's face. My mom got in the car not saying a word to Harry. Most of the way home we didn't talk but I was texting Harry the whole way. About 20 minuets to my house we started to talk.
"So Em are you exited to see your family and be back home."
I didn't answer.
"I know you didn't want to be taken away but your only 18 years old for Pete's sake."
I still didn't answer. When we got home I saw my sister holding a newborn baby.
"Lisa who's baby is this!?!"
"You had a fucken baby! You're only 19 years old! How did this happen I was only gone for a couple months!" She looked really pissed off. She walked inside and went into her room. I brought my stuff into the house and went into my room then came back to the living room to see my family.
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