More Than This

I don't know what to put.... hmmmmmm......
Guess you'll have to find out.... :D


1. Say Goodbye....

When I was little, Harry was just a friend, but as I got older I realized I wanted something more. But to him I was nothing more than a friend. He always liked some other girl. I never told him how I felt. When Harry left for the XFactor I was kind of chubby, and wasn't really pretty. I had always sat at home after we had hung out and cried, because I knew he would never love me like I love him. I knew Harry always said looks didn't matter, but I knew he was mostly talk. He wanted a pretty girl by his side, and I was never going to be that to him. But after he left there was this glimmer of hope that when he got back, he would suddenly love me. My parents had passed away the year before, so I lived alone, but even though Harry was gone, I went to his house, I was really close Anne and Gemma. I told them how I felt about Harry, and they seemed happy, Anne had always wanted me and Harry to date. That was two years ago. If you compared a picture of me then to now, you would've sworn they were different people. I'd lost 30lbs. so I was now 120lbs. I'd also grown out my hair so it reached my back. My acne was gone and my face was thinner. Boys were asking me out, but I always declined, I was waiting for Harry. I got over to Anne's house, I came every Saturday. When the door opened I thought I was imagining things because standing in front of me was the boy I had waited so long for.

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